Feathered Friends - Nesting - Turdus pilaris - Fieldfare

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Feathered Friends - Nesting - Turdus pilaris - Fieldfare.


Yesterday I thought that now is the right time to search for bird nests and their inhabitants for a photo shoot.

Spring has already come, but, because of the cool weather, the trees have not yet bloomed their leaves and the nests are very clearly visible against the background of bare tree branches.

I went to the outskirts of the city, where the swamps begin behind the bypass road.

old linden trees are planted along the highway, which provide space for building nests on the branches.

Indeed, it was so.

I saw many different nests, large and small, some of which I saw birds.

As a rule, these were magpies and vyakheri.

Quite, by chance, right above my head, I saw something that looked like a nest.

As it turned out, it was the nest of a beautiful bird Fieldfare or Turdus pilaris.


Previously, I have not seen nest Fieldfare.

It was interesting for me to consider the design of the nest and the bird itself.


The bird was very careful, I didn't want to scare it away and hid behind a nearby tree.

Thrush could not understand where I had gone, but he felt my presence and was noticeably nervous.

Periodically, he turned around in the nest, covering the clutch of eggs with his wings.

This was a very caring parent.


As it turned out, the blackbird's nest was very modest.

It's hard for me to call it grass-and-branch architecture.

It looked more like a shapeless bundle of grass that had been casually laid on the forked branches of a tree.

But. regardless of the quality of the nest, a new life developed in it!

I said goodbye to the thrush and went on.

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