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Today I have decided to sponsor the #FeatheredFriends community that I really like and whose creator, @melinda010100 is a friend I met long before Steem on another network.

Melinda is a pillar here, unlike me who is of a rather lonely nature, but even if I am not a very sociable being, who does rarely frequent Discord (which unfortunately does me a disservice, I am aware of it...)
however, I try to support the people I appreciate the best I can,
and I do it either financially or artistically,

I like to be creative to make my small perimeter a pleasant, joyful place, where it is good to breathe and to walk 😊

In this I hope to add appreciable value to our large Steem community ...

Some days I feel discouraged, but most of the time I tell myself that there is also room for people like me who are not looking to socialize at all costs but who preserve their authenticity and their energy above all other social considerations.


Let's go back to Melinda and the pretty feathers community 😄 🐦

So an idea came to me and I will sponsor the Feathered Friends community by offering the following:

Edit of the rewards from this day on (02.10.2020) and until the 10th person :

I will transfer 1 STEEM TO THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE who will decide to display this clickable sticker at the end of their post to show their support for this community 🐥


By doing this, not only you advertise the community and spread its existence to everyone who reads your posts,

but in addition you earn a STEEM


in addition I will transfer 30 eSteem to you 🎇 🎉

If you are not a user yet, this can be an opportunity to find out more and why not, start using this wonderful application by @esteemapp 😉


So what are the steps ? rzveuo.png

  • An important premise of course is to be part of or join Feathered Friends🐥
    So it goes without saying that joining a community means having affinities with it and wanting to post from time to time in relation to the subject.
    If you are indifferent to the birds, you should go your way 😉
  • Insert the sticker at the bottom of each of your posts ...
    ask me if you want a smaller or larger size
    (for those who are not used to it: just copy and paste this line in a notepad and add it at the end of your posts)


  • Inform me in a comment below so that I can send the rewards 😊
  • spread the good news as you can, on Discord if you wish 😄 Nothing is mandatory, kindness is good for those who give and those who receive


In short

I sponsor the Feathered Friends community with the creation of this original sticker + 10 STEEM + 300 eSteem maximum (i.e. 10 x 1 STEEM and 10 x 30 ESTM)

You show your support and earn 1 STEEM + 30 ESTM 😊



Aujourd'hui j'ai décidé de sponsoriser la communauté #featheredFriends que j'aime beaucoup et dont la propriétaire, @melinda010100 est une amie que j'ai rencontrée bien avant Steem sur un autre réseau.

Melinda est un pilier ici, au contraire de moi qui suis de nature plutôt solitaire, mais même si je ne suis pas un être très sociable, que je ne fréquente pas Discord et cela me dessert beaucoup j'en suis consciente,
j'essaie pourtant de soutenir au mieux les gens que j'apprécie,
et je le fais soit financièrement, soit artistiquement,

J'aime faire preuve de créativité pour faire de mon périmètre restreint un endroit agréable, joyeux, où il fait bon respirer et se promener 😊

j'espère en cela ajouter une valeur appréciable à notre grande communauté Steem...

Certains jours je me sens découragée, mais la plupart du temps je me dis qu'il y a aussi de la place pour les personnes comme moi qui ne cherchent pas à sociabiliser à tout prix mais qui préservent leur authenticité et leur énergie par dessus toutes considérations sociales.


Revenons à Melinda et la jolie communauté d'emplumés 😄 🐦

Une idée m'est donc venue et je vais sponsoriser la communauté Feathered Friends en proposant ce qui suit :

Révision des récompenses à partir de ce jour, 10 février 2020 et jusqu'à la 10ème personne* :

Je vais transferer 1 STEEM AUX 10 PREMIERES PERSONNES qui décideront d'arborer à présent ce sticker clickable au bas de leur postpour montrer leur support à cette communauté


En faisant ceci, non seulement vous faites de la publicité pour la communauté et répandez son existence à toutes les personnes qui lisent vos posts,

mais en plus vous gagnez un STEEM


en plus je vous transfererai 30 eSteem 🎇 🎉

Si vous n'êtes pas utilisateur cela peut être l'occasion d'en découvrir plus et de commencer à utiliser cette merveilleuse application par @esteemapp 😉


Alors quelles sont les étapes ? rzveuo.png

  • La condition première bien sûr est de faire partie ou rejoindre Feathered Friends🐥
    Alors il va sans dire que rejoindre une communauté c'est avoir des affinités avec celle-ci et envie de poster de temps à autre en relation avec le sujet.
    Si les oiseaux vous indiffèrent vous pouvez devez passer votre chemin 😉
  • Inserez le sticker au bas de chacun de vos posts ...
    Si vous souhaitez une taille plus petite ou plus grande, dites-le moi
    (pour ceux qui n'ont pas l'habitude : il suffit de copier-coller cette ligne dans un bloc-note et la rajouter à la fin de vos posts)


  • Informez-moi dans un commentaire ci-dessous afin que je procède à l'envoi des récompenses 😊
  • répandez la bonne nouvelle comme vous le pouvez, sur Discord si vous le souhaitez 😄 Rien n'est obligatoire, la gentillesse fait du bien à celui qui donne et à celui qui reçoit


En résumé

Je sponsorise la communauté Feathered Friends avec la création de ce sticker original + 10 STEEM + 300 eSteem au maximum (c'est à dire 10 x 1 STEEM et 10 x 30 ESTM)

Vous affichez votre soutien et gagnez 1 STEEM + 30 ESTM si vous êtes l'heureux utilisateur de l'application eSteem mobile ou desktop 😊



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Collect my art on

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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 21 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Thank you much ! ^_^

Mais de rien 😉

What?!! ❤️Best surprise of the day, my friend. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support. That is so beautiful! I will be thrilled to see it being used! You are so generous!

i'm happy if you enjoy the surprise my dear Melinda ! 😊 I enjoy doing that for the community,
I had already much fun drawing the Wonkies in the past to sponsor @lenasveganliving weekly challenge 😊
Do you want to use the sticker ? 😉 (... or maybe you prefer to make your own footer )

The downvotes from that horrible ctime and any from that nasty mmmmkkk guy that you might receive are aimed at SBI not at you. I expect the SBI community will rally round and send some support your way.

Oh my, these guys are making a real job of discouragement everywhere, this is the side I do not understand here, why doing the same as in all societies, everybody wanting to judge and classify what is good and what is bad, when all of these notions are subjectives as hell,
why not living peacefuly without telling people how they should behave according to God, according to the government, or to the boss, to a breed, to an education, to their mother or to the pizza delivery guy...seriously ?

I'm really grateful to you that you noticed the downvote or my comment about it and took time to leave me this message, this is a support for me that I much appreciate my dear ! 😉 😘

I hate downvotes. They are such a discouragement. But these SBI downvotes have successfully created friendships with people I might not have ever met. And in the long run we will gain more from our sbi upvotes than any downvote damage they can do. They are arrogant jerks.

I love it and will be using it on my next post... I may even go back and add it to my last #featheredfriends post!

And just so you know.. You can give ESTM awards to everyone, even to people not currently using eSteem.(silly of them, I know!) Soon ESTM will be trading on Steem Engine and they will be in our Steemit wallets, too, I believe.
It is a great token to own!

I didn'think anybody might be able to receive it, but I also thought it could be incentive to look at the app and maybe adopt it 😉 ..ok, I will edit my post then and send ESTM to anybody will use the support sticker 😊

So, If you use the sticker you will be the first one I will send the ESTM and SBI then ! 🐥 🐦

I added it to my signatures on my last post! I love it, but I'm not sure I should be qualified as a winner, too! My prize is your wonderfully kind words and the sticker, too! (I sincerely wish I did know everything here, but suspect that has become impossible because there is so much happening on Steem!) I resteemed and tweeted this.

Ok that makes sense, I will not count you as a winner and I'll keep the place for another steemian then ! 😉
Thanks for the resteem and tweet, I want to see this community grow and I have an other community in mind, but maybe go sleeping is a better idea at midnight ....LoL

Go to sleep! See you tomorrow. And thank you SO much! 😘

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I love your unique art and when I saw the sticker on @melinda010100's post and the link to yours I followed it immediately. I would be happy to use it in my #featheredfriends posts. It is such a great present to all of us.

9upj7p.png for your appreciation @nelinoeva, this bird is a joyful funny one, he will sing cheerful songs in your post 😊
and I'm so glad to send you the rewards ! 😉

Thanks for helping spreading the word ❤️

Thank you very, very much! ❤😀

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Hello my friend

You can not take my picture and make a no-words post like you've just done, I ask you kindly to remove my picture
If there is something you do not understand I can explain, but until that please remove this post


What is your problem with my post downvoting it 100 % @ctime ?!???

Congratulations! One of your previous entry last month to the Dailypetphotography was selected for the Month of Janc contest. The monthly contest closes on 8 Feb . Hurry up and come and vote for your favourite three pets of the month here !!

Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

Here comes to support the Australian Animals Fire Rescue Event! Translate the event post to earn 10 dpet token!

More details of our development, go to check at here:

Buy DPET token at here:

I have already voted for my 3 fav pics @dpet 😊


Este post ha sido manualmente curado, reestemeado
y alimentado con una deliciosa torta virtual del
equipo de curacion @helpiecake!

Mucho amor para ti de parte de toda la comunidad @helpie!
Manten en alto tu buen trabajo!


Manualmente curado por @ecoinstant.

@helpie es un Witness (testigo) de la comunidad.

That is kind of you. She will be happy. I rage let have a photo to share. My owl died, I am no longer breeding, it is winter and a mobile phone does not make great photos of birds of prey up in the sky. seem in a small shape, as we say in french 😉 I hope you will find something to focus on that will bring you some sparle today 😊
This piglet wish you au3i7wn.png@wakeupkittty.pal

Wow! This is a masterpiece!!! 😍😍😍 I super love it, @barbara-orenya. It's cute, and it makes me smile just seeing this artwork!

I would love to put this cutie little sticker to show some support to our dear friend @melinda010100, and to spread the word of her #FeatheredFriends Community.

It's so sweet of you, Barbara, to do this for Mel. ❤❤❤

I agree with you 100% @gingbabida! It is a masterpiece and @barbara-orenya is SO wonderful! I can't wait to see this on #featheredfriends posts!

Oh yes! It would be a lovely sight to be on the posts of #featheredfriends. Hmmm, I should be eyeing on those feathers. Hahaha! 🐦🦜🕊

5ipo17.png dear Melinda 😉

Hahaha! An alligator/crocodile 🐊 thank you ! Made me smile😀
Do you know
See you later alligator.
And the response is.... After a while crocodile

haha ! I knew the first part, but not the answer ! 😃
rt01lr.pngLove it ! and I always enjoy learning something about language indeed 😉

I thought it might make you smile. My kids all loved saying that when they were about 4years old!

Thanks for your appreciation @gingbabida 😊
Every support is cool, that is going to be very cheerful 😉
ESTM and SBI share are on your way,
don't forget to add the sticker to your posts and have a u3i7wn.png

Oh yes! I already copied the file to notepad! 😊😊

Thank you.

I love your cute and colorful sticker and it would be an honor and a pleasure to use it on my @featheredfriends posts! : )

rt01lr.png Wonderful @whatisnew ! the more, the merrier !

It is so nice of you to do this for Melinda and to share your wonderful talent with all of us. It will make me smile every time I use it. : )


Thanks so much! : )

@whatisnew I can't wait to see @barbara-orenyas artwork all over the place! #featheredfriends is lucky indeed!

Me too! I just used it for the first time and it made me smile. : )

Hi @barbara-orenya, I found you through @melinda010100's shadow contest post and I like your artwork! They are soooo cuteeeeee!!!! And the colors are so soothing!
I would like to be a part of the #featheredfriends and paste your logo. But I do not have many good photos of feathered friends because they fly away too fast. I will search through my archive. Is that okay? And when I make a post, I just copy and paste your cute logo at the end of the post?

Hello @marblesz ! First, Welcome to Steem ! I've seen on your profile that you are a new comer on this great platform 😊
(BTW, You can do a first post of presentation under the hashtag IntroduceYourSelf when you will be ready 😉 )

I'm neither a very active poster on the #featherFriends community, but what is nice is that you can be active in many other way than just posting in a community 😉 :
First you can be active part of the community by voting and commenting the posts, you can resteem your favourite ones, (I've seen that you have already resteemed posts, bravo !)
and also, if you want to spread the word you can effectively stick the logo at the end of any of your post (no matter if it is a post about bird or food, look at any of my posts or those of @melinda010100 : we all have a lot of support banners footers...😃 )

So yes, just copy and paste the line
Since you take the sticker, I will send you the rewards mentioned in my post, and I advise you to go see the different links in order to know what exactly these SBI correspond to ...
You seem to already use @esteemapp, good choice congratulations ! 😃 I will send you some ESTM too

Steem like all new things requires a phase of learning, but it's worth it if you feel good here, you can do joyful and interesting things 😉 and one way is to pick communities of interest and then you will want to take your shot according to the themes...and before long there will not be a sparrow, a swan, a duck, a peacock or a hen that you will not want to photograph 😃
Have a bgt7t3.png @marblesz


Sorry I took a while to reply. Thank you sooo much for taking the time to provide detailed information about this platform and the community. There are so many things to learn here and this was also my first time using the esteem app. I am glad I did :) Thank you, thank you for the SBI and ESTM.
I will be on a look out for new feathered friends but in the meantime, I will search my archive :D
Your art is so cute!!! :) Makes me wanna dig out my colour pencils from school days (which was stuffed somewhere for many many years ago).
Happy coming weekend there @barbara-orenya :) It is really nice to "chat" with you here.

@marblesz I see you got a very nice response already from @barbara-orenya and I just wanted to say that it does not have to be a living bird. It can be anything bird related. A nest or a bird house or art featuring birds are all acceptable! I'm so glad you are joining in!

Thank you, thank you @melinda010100! It is good to know that it does not have to be a living bird. I think I have some bird related stuffs (not flying kind) around :D Happy coming weekend @melinda010100! I am really happy to have gotten to "know" you and @barbara-orenya through the shadow contest :)

Happy to know you, too!

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Not taking part, but I give you an upvote. Hope this initiative succeed!


I knew I'd get to you eventually! Greetings with pleasure I will use in each of my publications this beautiful sticker, I love everything related to animals and nature, here you have a new member!

Great ! Your rewards has been sent Thanks for your support to this great community ! 😉

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