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RE: A curious bird in Uganda!

in Feathered Friends β€’ 2 months ago

Wonderful portraits indeed ! 😊 Who is gonna tell us his name...? ...@ratel ? πŸ€”

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I have no idea, I guess it's some kind of corvids.πŸ€”

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Thanks for answering and for your guess @ratel... I think it' is more difficult to regognize birds in B&W because we loose a lot of identification elements with the colors ...πŸ˜‰


Yes, that is true...
Thank you very much!

It ia a Uganda Yellow-collared Weaver (Ploceus melanocephalus dimidiatus)

Thank you @elkezaksek ! 😊 For a next time, I suggest you don't leave me in such a despairing place of not knowing what bird it is 😁🀣
I so suck at identifying birds, I've tried to find on google but without the colors it recognizes nothing

Even I didn't know his name.
But when I saw, that many people love him I search for his name...
So I hope everybody is happy now!
Kind regards