Feathered art : The Masked Water Tyrant and its drawing process


Today I present to you the Masked Water Tyrant which is a nice add to my feathered art collection


and I will show you of course my process and the tools I use to digitally create my bird 😊


I use the app Procreate, as usual, on my Ipad pro

this is a very simple,creative and intuitive to use app, and that is the best tool for me to find back the feeling to paint traditionally even if it's a digital apparatus 😁


Why did i choose to draw the Masked Water Tyrant ? Just randomly on its nice shape and on its stylish name 😄

I start with searching some photos on Google to have a sort of board that helps me see better the caracteristics of the bird, its shape and this of its beak, and so on...

What is cool on the Ipad pro is you can work on your app and have on the side your googled references at the same time, you can scroll while you draw if you want to see other details that allow you to create your bird....


Once finished, I made another drawing on a top layer that I then fill in black to have the silhouette of the bird.
This silhouette serves as a black background for the dark version, it also allows me to define the contours of my bird, the shape in which to fit my patterns in a coherent and aesthetic way 😉


Talking about patterns, it's now time to have the best fun with this part of the process that involves LOT OF motives and designs in different colors


For every bird I draw in this collection, there are always the same colors used, and I share them with you below





The animation is also created in Procreate, this is now my favourite part, but as usual, each step of the creation process is my favourite 😁


And have a wonderful week to come !


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You're welcome @barbara-orenya, that's a real pleasure to count you as a member since all this time!!! We hope to see you here many more years 😊🌹
Let's this beautiful adventure continue 🐝🐝🐝

You create magic with those pencils, Barbara! @babara-orenya

It is such a pleasure to come over here and peruse the pages that you present. I just love that little GIF you made for the feathered art! :) How sweet! I hope you are doing well and that you are having a wonderful weekend!

Thank you for sharing the beauty!

Bisous! Bisous!

smileycat_thank_you.png my dear ! I'm happy you enjoy creations I had so much pleasure to do ! 😉 Bisous bisous ! 😘

I love this cat! Nobody else does comments quite the way you do!!! I love them all! ❤️

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oh that's nice of you my dear @dswigle ! I didn't remember it is that special day for you, american friends ...in France we celebrate it at the end of May, I hope you had a fantastic Mother's day ! 😘😘

It was wonderful, my friend! I remember that we celebrate them separately, but, I wanted to include you in ours.❤️



Wow! I wish I could do that, I think your images are so cool. I will be using your banners on my posts of course I will give you the credit.

Have a lovey day!

How very lovely! That is a bird I did not know! Thanks for teaching me a new one.

I met him also for the first time when wondering what could be my next bird to draw, and as I scrolled a Pinterest birds board, I saw this one with an intriguing name and then decided he would be the next 😄
I'm glad I brought an unknown bird to you 🤗

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 55 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Enamorada de tu arte, simplemente genial.

Muchas gracias @lorennys 😊


Oh my goodness, this is truly delightful! I love that gif, you are so talented! :-)

Your artworks are always amazing. Seems to be coming out from a story book with a great story behind it.

thank_you_poussin.png much @watersnake101 😊