Blue Jay

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This pretty bird was hanging around a big tree that's in front of my window. Removed the window-screen and ran to get my telephoto lens, then was thankful that he chose to stay for a while and ruffle his feathers.


A crop from the previous photo. I'm amazed that we can see his beard,








I used a Minolta 500mm f/8 mirror lens on a Sony a77 camera.



indeed, your luck he'd assisted you so well :=)

Oh very, very pretty he is isn't he.
Wow you got some fantastic shots there- especially the one with his crown standing up. Nice work! 😀

Thank you :)

Stunning photos!

Thanks :)

@a0i, Wow, in a way it's looking like Feathers are freshly painted and white bird turned into Artistic and Colourful Bird 🐦.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed always.

Nice shoot and beautiful Photography 🙂


so cute jay! And we have red jays in Siberia

Followed you and hoping to see one of those red jays in a future post of yours!

Wow ... What a beautiful bird. You are very lucky to be able to take pictures perfectly.

Great photos! I have had a Bluejay family hanging about for the past few days and it has been fun to watch the young ones imitating their parents.
Thanks for posting these to the #featheredfriends community!

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Wowww... This is Very Beautiful birds😊