A sparrow's expedition

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I saw this very small sparrow, who walked a long distance on the park's path searching for edible tree buds which were felled because of strong winds. He made the cutest chirping sounds meanwhile, nearly too high-pitched to be audible.










I used a Minolta 500mm f/8 mirror lens on a Sony α77 camera.

Music: https://ao-i.bandcamp.com


Wow what a bokeh 🤯

Hehe glad you like it! The bokeh of mirror lenses may not be gracefully creamy, but it has a nice unique and interesting character.

I'm not very good with sparrow ID, but maybe that is a chipping sparrow? There are so many types of sparrows! Great photos and thanks for sharing them with the #featheredfriends community! ❤️

Yes I think it may be a young chipping sparrow! Thanks for the ID help.

Agree this is a chipping sparrow, nice red cap and eye stripe.

Thanks for the confirmation! ❤️

Trying to figure out the difference between a Lincoln's sparrow and a female house sparrow that would be a tricky task :-)

Who do you think this one is? wpe6zt.jpg

Yikes, I would say juvenile female house sparrow... but it seems to have a tint of yellow/green maybe it's a type of bunting?

I never have seen a house sparrow here in the woods, but that is what I thought, too. The camera picked up that color. I couldn't see it with my eyes.
I found another shot with what may be an adult. Does that give you any clues? jtn8ge.jpg

I'll have to compare beaks with a sparrow.

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