Intro to Hive Silver Bloggers - a New Blockbuster for Seasoned Buzzy Bees

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They say that with age comes wisdom, but many of us here on Hive are experts in different areas.
According to the corporate world we have reached our sell-by date, but there is still a lot of life in these old bones yet.
So why can't we then not combine the wisdom of the silver wunder kids and help each other here in the brand new community called the Hive Silver Bloggers?

Beach Drawing1 (1).JPG

Painting by Peter Wink

Many of you may be close to retirement, and we'd also love it if you joined in as you could learn and see that life in fact gets even more exciting as you now have time to do the things you've never had time for.

So I'm sure you've gathered by now that the objective of the Hive Silver Bloggers is to bring together young-at-heart kindred spirits with a love of blogging and photography, keen to share life experiences and store it here on the Hive blockchain for future generations.

We'd also like to learn more about Crypto Currencies and that's where our seasoned Crypto Hodlers come into play, as many of us may know how to write, but have no knowledge about the world of Crypto.
Anyone between the age of 40 and 100 welcome to join.

How cool if one day a great great grandchild wanting to learn a little more about the adventures of great great Gramps or Grandma, can find them here, long after they've gone, as nothing stored on the blockchain will ever get lost.


How often do we search for precious photographs stashed away in the attic and try and recall memories that have faded over time?

Stories are passed on from one generation to another, and by the time it reaches our ears, the tale has had all kinds of tails added with many twists and turns, nothing like the true story in the end!

Although you're welcome to blog on any topic you want to, the following are most suited to this community - Passive Income, Hobbies, Crypto for the uninitiated, Memories and Life in general.
We do encourage our members to continue blogging in specific existing communities relevant to their topic i.e. Natural Medicine, Foodies Bee Hive, Have You Been Here (travel related) etc etc.

We will be hosting rewarding Challenges from time to time, possibly taking you out of your comfort zone at times, but that's how we learn.
Rewards for this post will go back to the community.


Important Notice:
This is NOT a Geriatric Society so no talk of Dentures, Hearing Aids, Spectacles, Pills and the like will be tolerated; member will be muted if found guilty of this offence;)
Not too many other rules here as this is going to be a fun community!

I will briefly tell you about my journey and a couple of other talented Silver Bloggers.

@lizelle - Admin

I was a real Crypto Virgin when I joined the blockchain in July 2017, so was quite amazed when Hive came to my rescue during Covid lockdown as our Lily's Cottage BnB had to close down for a while.
I love blogging on food, with a story attached; local travel, natural health, our BnB and life in general. I've not only learned how to turn my Crypto earnings into rands and cents, but have also met many kindred spirits from all over the world!
Hive has become my passion post-retirement, I just love this blogging journey that fills the void left by retirement with new friends and extra income when I need it!

Liz Dessert.jpg

My favourite genre - food

@papilloncharity - Our Moderator

Zac has become a well-respected figure in the Crypto world and his journey started in June 2017.
His photographic stories have become legend and he is also the founder of The Papillon Foundation, a famous charity that does great work with the poor communities in South Africa.
Zac is a real shining light here on Hive, a huge inspiration who gives hope to many.

Zak Pelegrine1.jpg

A Peregrine Falcon - photo taken by Zac Smith aka @papilloncharity

@ericvancewalton - Author and Poet

Cryptocurrency and the Hive community have been nothing short of a Godsend to me.
Prior to joining the platform in 2016, I spent twenty-three years attempting to break into the walled garden of the traditional publishing world. Not one person would hold the door open for me. In the last five years cryptocurrency and the Hive community have given me the key to open that door for myself.
Since 2016 I’ve launched three self-published very successful books (soon to be four counting my newest book Ephemera) on Hive.
I quit my day job in 2017, began writing full-time and traveling the world.
Hive has given me the most valuable gifts I can imagine -- a worldwide network of good friends and the freedom to make a great living doing what I love.

EricVanceWalton Books.jpg

Eric Vance Walton
These two books of Eric's have helped me tremendously, especially during the crazy times we've been living in since last year!


Fiona has been active in the blogosphere since 2014, when she started her own blog Fiona's Favourites, inspired by longstanding school pals.

In 2017 I was invited to join a social blockchain where, through blogging, I might earn crypto currency – just before the bull run ended. I fiddled about a bit, and two years later, I am still there, and post directly to the Hive blockchain using the Exxp WordPress plugin. I am part of a growing community that produces content and where I earn Hive Based Dollars. It’s not just the prospect of earning that keeps us there, it’s also, as is the case in the blogosphere, generally, the community of like-minded individuals one meets and the friendships that develop – in cyberspace – and which flow from the virtual into the real.
Fiona’s Favourites has evolved to the point that it covers a multitude of sins topics, musings and rants, ranging from my original focus – cooking – to life, and my participation in that crypto blogging world.

I look forward each week to Fiona's Friday Files to see what delectable fare she will have on offer for her Village Market Days.

Fiona blog.jpg

Fiona's delectable Saturday Market goods - our talented blogger and foodie hiding behind her beloved Rambo.

Hive animated divider 1.gif


If you're between the ages of 40 and 100 and have a passion for blogging and cryptocurrency plus have some wisdom to share, please stop by and subscribe to the new Hive Silver Bloggers Community that is already attracting some of the best talent here on Hive.
Please remember to also hit the Follow button for our admin @hive-106316.
Hive animated divider 1.gif


It would be awesome if this community can also help to attract new Bloggers onto Hive, so please tell your seasoned friends who have not joined Hive yet about this amazing Buzzy world called Hive.
Feel free to use the image below and share it on your social media sites; not forgetting to provide the Hive Onboard link

Silver Bloggers Hive Promo.jpg

A huge thank you for the Silver Bloggers painting to Peter Wink, super talented sculptor and painter; hubby of a new Hivean @artywink, who has been entertaining us with her fun food stories as well as her travel blogs. Both these retirees keep themselves busy using their talents; Peter still gets regular Art Commissions.

Peter Sculptor painter.jpg

Lastly I have to thank @riverflows who tongue-in-cheek suggested I start this community, and a thank you also to @livinguktaiwan for the advice given so freely as well as our Moderator @papilloncharity for his patience and guiding hand!

Heart page break.png

Liz Signature Jan 21.gif
Banner created by @zord189

Original Content by @lizelle
Thank you for stopping by
Copyright @lizelle – All Rights Reserved
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Do you know this Badge?

It says "Thank you for partnering with the Papillon Foundation by participating in the
Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway."

Do you want this Badge?
If you like this badge and if you want to help too, you can learn more about @combination and the badge in their blog post:
Some Exciting News! Badge release!

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Ages 40-100...Seems I fall within that age bracket...I'll see what people blog about and decide whether I have anything worthy of adding. A good idea for a community. ✅

Great to see you here @galenkp, and I'm sure you'll have something more than just worthy to add here🙂🌻

I'll be around...Maybe I'll even get the hamster in my noggin to run a little faster, get the cogs turning, so I can come up with something to post. :)

@galenkp with all of your experiences in life, you will make a very valuable member methinks.

Thank you for your kind words.

My pleasure Sir 🙂

Like many others, I fit the age requirement, being 71 going on 72.

After being aware of this new community from a reblog by @ericvancewalton who I have been following for years (and that I have met in one of the two SteemFests I have attended), I immediately ubscribed.

Although I am not a Crypto virgin, having bought my first Bitcoins in 2011), I will try to contribute with the little wisdom I have gathered over the year.

As I have already blogged about the story of my life, I will probably write some "Stories during my long life".

Awesome to see you here @vcelier, Eric is such an inspiration, you were fortunate to meet him in person. I will certainly read your story and look forward to learning about Cryptos from you, having started so early. I'm just s cook and love writing stories so have much to learn about the world of Crypto, but did learn last year that it's not just something that sits somewhere in the cloud, but can actually be turned into rands and cents when the right time comes along. Life stories are most welcome here too.
Welcome to the Silvers:)

So glad you subscribed @vcelier! You'll have much to contribute to the community!

I actually read your story last week and then this morning got around to reading about François Martin; it was brilliant! I always was an avid reader, have books all over the house; still prefer them to the Kindle;)
Of late though, with being busier now than during my years as a corporate worker, I don't get much time and my attention span has dropped drastically, but I found the story of François so inspiring that I went from one link to the next in no time! I saw in the comments that the character was loosely based on yourself; I see that kindness coming through in the way you have been supporting our Silvers; I salute you for that kind Sir!
Thank you.

A great post here Lady Lizzie and let's hope that this effort goes to the moon.

Now where are all of those 40 year and older hiveans? I can think of a few "youngsters" that might also pour their wisdom in here like the Austrian mountain goat @johannpiber
Then we also have the famous kp brothers @tarazkp and @galenkp and I am sure that the ladies @dswigle, @melinda010100 and their friends can jump in here.

Let's show the world the value and the wisdom that rests in the vaults of experience.
Everyone (above 40) is welcome to join this community, even "dummkopfs" like me.

I have to thank you and your Marian for the help with getting this a tad more polished and for putting me on the right path when I veered off in my rushed fashion as usual;)
I do hope some of those talented folk join in; a couple I can think of who may just make the age restriction - please forgive me if you don't;) and have not been mentioned are @bigtom13, @slobberchops, @farm-mom, @thebigsweed, @shaidon,@porters, @artemislives, @keithboone, @lenasveganliving, @barbara-orenya, @shadowspub, @goldendawne, @sultnpapper, @isabelpena, @pandamama and finally @sunscape

Haha ! thanks for the thought @lizelle 😁 I'm indeed among the silvers 🍻

Oh wow, great news, love the cute gif, you are so talented🤩

Oh, I meant I am in age, but didn't know the community...going to have a look this evening when work is off ! Thank you 😘

Hope to see you join us 🌻

I've just did ! This is a great idea of community 😁 Not sure I will contribute a lot, I'm kinda more working than in my previous young have little time for now, but the idea pleases me and I keep a little place in my head for that and for your all, my boomer friends ❤️

Awesomeness, it's almost as if one gets buzzier as time goes on not so :)

I do fit the age requirements as much as I am reluctant to admit.

You should be proud, you're in good company, we're all well seasoned vintage models who've kept up with the times just by being here😅 hope you join the community🌻

I'll see what I can do.

We are both of the Saffers family Lady Lizzie and it was a pleasure to help.
This is a community that should have been established a long time ago and let's hope that other members could also have ideas for it's growth.

It was about high time we brought together all the seasoned silvers, just took a little nudge from @riverflows although she still is too young, not one silver hair there😉

Great that @riverflows prodded you and yes, it was the right time indeed!

I am offended!! I only have a few greys in my hair and beard!!

They don't act their age -but perhaps these guys are interested:
@bozz, @meesterboom, @abh12345

It's not grey, people are colour blind. It's actually silver and you'll be richer as more and more pops up 😉

I am counting the greys as we speak - is it a 1:1 kind of thing? ;)

New rule just added his very moment, the word grey is now regarded as NSFW around here, LOL!
A tip, don't count them otherwise they'll multiply at a much faster rate ;)
I hid mine with the help of a bottle much to my hairdresser's dismay but I realized they're actually natural highlights so now my salon bills are much much lower ;)

You are well in the bracket!! :0D

Actually so are most of hive's users!

What bracket?, sanity or madness?
Greetings Boomie.

Greetings Mr Z!

I like to think I fall into all of those brackets! :OD

Hahaha, beware as I know your heart and you are actually a camouflaged saint.
I bet that I am the very first to call you this.
So please don't blush and deny, else I will put your missus on your case.

Oy Vay, don't let those 3 notorious tags of yours see this, as I am the first to borrow you a ton of grey hairs.
Heh, heh, if I can find them as most of mine were repossessed a long time ago.

Welcome Taraz and at least we know that you will act your age, but I am a bit worried about the other lot 🤣

...mine were repossessed a long time ago.

Haha that's a good way to describe it😅😅😅
Sorry for eavesdropping...and they say women talk too much🤣
Your friends are real good guys, I've not laughed so much for a long time...all by myself mind you😅

Hahaha, thank you Lady Lizzy and yeah, that's the only way that I can describe it.
Until 1980 I had a full head of blondish hair, but after the bike accident I went through 6 operations and high powered drugs. The stress was high and 2 years in plaster also didn't help.
Subsequently I had more operations and I never knew that aneasthetics can make one's hair fall out.
A quack also told me that the pills could have an effect.

So yes, the medical fraternity are now sitting with all of my hair 🤣

The other day I went to the barber and after he had cut the sides, he asked me if he should comb the two hairs at the top into a middle path.
So, I told him no and just to leave them so deurmekaar 🤣🤣🤣

And you still bring so much joy to this platform and to the poor communities here in SA kind sir, you are one amazing man!😇
You could become the perfect motivational speaker, but then we'd never see you here so better just stay buzzy here on Hive😉
I agree, just leave those two hairs deurmekaar and be careful that they don't also get repossessed😅 Thank you for helping gathering so many amazing Silvers here, a blessed Sunday for you and Marian 🤗

Nope, just an ordinary man that has made himself available to serve those that don't have Lady Lizzie.
Personally I don't very much like all of the motivational slogans, as they should rather place the focus on talent development.

Hahaha, that's why I hide those two precious hairs under a cap every day. One never knows when that South Easter wind has plans to remove my fringe 🤣

Those Silvers are all good friends that has shown their hearts to us and I am glad that they are all here. The future looks great for this community methinks 👍

A blessed new week also to you guys 🤗

I subscribed already!

Yay glad to see you here @bozz 😊

Thanks for tagging me here, Zac. It's a group that I am proud to qualify for!

Wonderful @melinda010100, welcome here 🤗🌻

Only a pleasure Lady @melinda010100 and we have come a long way together.
Thank you for joining and let's all grow the Silver Bloggers Community together.


Haha! Nothing like pointing fingers at the old people! ❤️

Hahaha, old maybe, but with young hearts and that makes all of the difference my friend.

Of course, it does! You know I am kidding. I had to run to the mirror and look!! :)) Good morning from here, @papillioncharity!

Happy Friday!

Who calls me a youngster here? But you are right, my friend, a mountain goat will never become old 🤣
If I did let my hair grow you would see more white hair than brown ones and they become more and more each day, so I think I suit to the silverbloggers I believe ... I have joined a minute ago 😀

Cheers and !BEER

Hahaha, oh yeah, a mountain goat does not get old, just more stubborn 😜

I think that you would look cool with long hair and a long beard, as you would look like Merlin.
Maybe give it a go once you have hung your gun up in the police service.

Thanks for joining up my friend.

Cheers and thanks.

Haha, yeah, I'm a bit stubborn, that's true 😁

Actually, a couple of years ago I have had long hair - they reached down over my shoulders, but one day I said "enough" and cut them ... I just didn't want to wash and dry them anymore every day 🤣 but it's much better now 😊

!BEER and !PIZZA - nice 😃

Only a bit stubborn? I will leave this here 😎

I think that you would have looked very cool with long hair.

Shorter is always easier Hannes and Marian cuts my hair on the number 2 setting with the machine.
Then I take the machine and I cut my beard and my moustache on the same setting.
Oh and also my eyebrows.

So, in the mornings, when I wash my face to wake up, I only wipe my head with my wet hand and then I am done for the day. Easy peasy 🤣

Cheers and thanks.

Yes, leave it here because I am right 😂🤣

I just didn't like them anymore and I feel so much better now with almost no hair - I cut mine myself without any distance holder 😉

Sometimes I shave, sometimes I let my beard grow for a few weeks and sometimes I keep it short like yours.

!BEER and !PIZZA - nice 😃

Oh yes, always a pain with long hair to keep it neat. Amazingly I see many old guys walking around here with long hair. Maybe they are clinging to their young days 🤣

So, you cut your own hair and I hope that you don't charge yourself too much for cutting your hair 🤣
I don't suppose that you cut your euebrows as well, as mine grows like bushes and people say that I look scary 🤣

Oh yeah, I grow in winter and I cut in summer. My beard is not easy to cut with a rasor, as the hair is like wires and the stubble even pricks me when I sleep, so I try to keep it short.
Here's my winter outfit.

I hang this photo in the toilet to scare the flies away and naughty little children 🤣
Scary isn't it 🤣

Cheers and thanks.

Ha, that looks like an old trapper from a western movie, but somehow cool :)
I would hang it also in the toilet, but in the office that the colleagues don't sit too long 🤣

No, I don't cut my eyebrows - only when a hair grows too long I will cut it.

Cheers with !BEER and !WINE

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I love this, Lizelle! Makes me realise I need to update my blogging journey. I have actually been on the blockchain nearly 4 years!

Thank you for your kind words!

I am calling over fellow silver Hiveans, @traciyork, @arcange, @richardfyates @snook, @joanstewart. I am sure I shall think of others.

I know I often say, I don't really "fit" into communities, but in this one, I feel right at home.

Please do let me know if I can help with this!

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Awe thank you so much for sharing this with well-seasoned folk Fiona, and also for allowing me to share some of your Hive journey, funny I'm also a soon-to-be 4 year old Hivean as is @papilloncharity! The youngest Silver that I mentioned in this blog @ericvancewalton, actually is the oldest Hivean🙂🌻

Great stuff, Lizelle. I'm also calling over @the-bitcoin-dood and @pixiepost and will return as others pop into my head...

I will certainly need help with this, will give you a shout when things are a little clearer, thank you Fiona!
PS I edited it slightly to include our artist's sculptures as he did the painting as a love job;) and added some links to everyone's outside activities.

Thanks for mention @fionasfavourites with it being shopping day I may have missed this.

Well I just made the cut, I think. 😁
I love this idea, but I'm just not sure I meet all of the requirements. When you say Silver Bloggers, I know you're referring to folk between the ages of 40/100 but do they also need to have a head full of hair that has turned silver over the years. Sporting no hair on the top of my head at all, do I still make the cut?
All kidding aside, it will be my honor to join this community along with some of the wonderful people you mention.
I will be keeping an eye out for any further information about this new community.
Thanks for the mention my friend!

Haha I never thought of that one my friend but thank you so much for responding, look forward to seeing some of your wonderful blogs in here🤗

@thebigsweed Oh now you have spoiled it, as I was about to mention you guys in a reply here today.
Welcome my friend!

My bad. 😁


Well @papilloncharity says his hair got repossessed, so you also qualify😅

This community is a great idea @Lizelle, I have joined a minute ago, although I'm a youngster, as Zac @papilloncharity says 😉
I believe, that my good friend Jo @redheadpei from Canada would suit here quite well too 😊

By the way, after almost 3 years on the Blockchain I still feel as a Crypto Virgin 🤣

Cheers with a !PIZZA and !BEER

Thanks for the mention @johannpiber. I think I'm somewhere north of 40 years..far, far north LOL.

Sounds like a great new community to join @lizelle.

But you're still below the upper limit I believe 🤣

!BEER and !WINE and !PIZZA - perfect 😃

A woman that would tell her age would tell anything. 🤣

Thanks Hannes @johannpiber for goodies. Pizza is superb!🍕😊

My wife is celebrating her 30th birthday in about two months ... for the 26th time 🤣🤣🤣
I'm glad you like the !PIZZA and the !BEER dear Jo 😊


Haha, your wife must be the same age as me. I’ve been celebrating the same 39th birthday for years.😄

Yepp, Jo, I think you must be twin sisters 😉

Cheers and !BEER

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Fabulous seeing you here amongst the Silvers @redheadpei, great that you north of the forties; I always say age is but a number. Funny when I went to a school class reunion a couple of years ago, we all felt like we were back at school, young and free just for that evening! Why can't we feel like that all of the time...Life I suppose, but welcome:)

I’m happy to be part of your new community @lizelle. Yes, as long as we are on the right side of the sod then lets live life to the fullest. 🌸

LOL, glad I'm not the only one feeling that way, my son advises me but thankfully there are many helpful Hiveans here! Sooo glad you joined, I'm really looking forward to a great future for our group🤩🌻

I hope that in the near future I will have more time to post, but I will certainly keep an eye on the cool new community 😃

!BEER and !PIZZA - nice dinner 😃



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Okay, so now we have a virgin mountain goat also in the community.
Until a bear gets hold of him 😁
Welcome Hannes.

I think the virgin thing is even worse for me if it comes to a bear rugby 🤣

!BEER and !PIZZA - nice 😃



@papilloncharity! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @johannpiber.

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Well think about it like this, at least you can't fall pregnant 🤣

Cheers and thanks.


Cheers and !BEER

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Nice to support, when and if able always find time slipping through my fingers of late. Too much reading too little posting....

Call out to @jlufer @wwwiebe @jayna @porters @redheadpei @barbara-orenya @ninahaskin @denmarkguy @mariannewest I am sure would all love to share here.

Thank you Joan, and welcome to the Silvers! I know the feeling, find myself up till the wee hours and it's catching up! Thank you so much for tagging some of the people you know as well, really great to see the growth of our group.

We all find ourselves juggling something or another, mostly time! Should be an interesting community with many stories to share. One person I did forget initially is @tattoodjay 🙃

Thanks for tagging me great idea and I'm in

Look forward to seeing you enjoy this community.


Interesting idea. Sorry, I am a little too young to join this group, #silverbloggers. Not a silver hair on my head.😁😂🤣

Ok, ok, in my mind I am still under forty, and my hair color comes from a bottle. hehe
Good luck with this new community, I'll be watching, learning and listening.

Oh, by the way I just started reading Eric Vance Walton's book Mindful Moments. I'll let you know how it goes.

We'll have to drop the age limit, sooo sorry you're not there yet, I assumed you woukd make the cut as you're a grammy, so sorry, but at least @thebigsweed makes it so we'll still hear all about you for sure if he blogs in the silvers;)
I used to bottle my hair till one day when grey/silver became the go-to colour, so I grew it all out and now have natural highlights;)
So glad you've got Mindful Moments, enjoy it my friend 😍