jingle bells, batman smells, robin layed an egg, the batmobile lost a wheel and lukethelistbuilder got away.

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Been watching too much of batman animated series lately. Can't get that out of my mind, so today's post heading is the funny children song.
PS: Joker is in quarantine, so lukethelistbuilder had to take his place 🤣

OK, let us start with the scavanger hunt.

It's a very slow season i guess, today also we had 3 occupants.
today, bootscootintraffic took pistol-packing-mama's place.

  • The hunt started at cruisinxchange. Surfed 80 pages and found this:

  • Next stop was bootscootintraffic. Surfed 44 pages and found this:

  • Next stop was cupoftraffic. Surfed 48 pages and found this:

  • Had to return back to cruisinxchange for round 2. Surfed 80 more pages and found this:

  • Again, it was a return to bootscootintraffic for round 2. Surfed 44 pages and completed the scavenger hunt

  • I did went back to cupoftraffic after completing the hunt and surfed the required pages to find this:

see ya tomorrow.

Farhad Kias

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