Full House - 5/5 - Cup => boots => tornado => taxicab => lime

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

It's mid-week. Are you all are having a good week?

Today was a good quiet day at work. Well nothing exciting happened :-)
Later, I will go out to do my actifit steps.

Ok, let us now talk about the scavenger hunt.

Yes, today we had 5 occupants at listopia.

  1. Limehits4u [new occupant]
  2. Cupoftraffic
  3. Tornadotraffic
  4. Bootscootintraffic
  5. Taxicabhits

Before i start, i would like to welcome Limehits4u to the scavenger hunt.

  • First destination - Cupoftraffic
    I had to Surf 48 pages to find luke.

  • Second destination - Bootscootintraffic
    I had to surf 44 pages to find luke.

  • Third destination - Tornadotraffic
    I had to surf 89 pages to find luke.

  • Fourth destination - Taxicabhits
    I had to surf 48 pages to find luke.

  • Fifth and final destination - Limehits4u
    I had to surf 65+ pages to find luke.

  • That completes the scavenger hunt - 5/5

Today, i added a new CTP badge to my collection :-)

thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias

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Congratulations for completing the scavenger hunt....
The newly added sites hare good but we have to surfed more to found the luke....
Keep hunting
!GIPHY hunting

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