Hive Open Mic week 50, A Little Song Of Spring by Wolfgang Fuchs

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Hive Open Mic celebrates week number 50! A round number, worth celebrating with a topic BE REBORN!

Recently, the #hive blockchain celebrated its first anniversary, so within this occasion I wish everyone to celebrate many years more it this platform. I still haven't celebrated my first anniversary, it will happen at the end of June. Almost nine months ago I started this journey and I feel as it was yesterday.

If we look better into our lives, we will notice that it goes in circles. We die and are born again with our desires, habits and beliefs. We die with old approaches and thoughts and are born with new ones. The cycle depends on us and how much we work on ourselves.

However, nature has an established cycle that we cannot change and influence. Seasons. The living world calms down every winter and is reborn in the spring. Although these days it was a bit strange weather, snow wanted to play a bit with us in the place I live.. just to show it can cover mountain peaks in late March. But the spring sun was stronger, the tiny white layer disappeared in one day and we can again enjoy the light green colours of the leaves and buds on the trees. Sweet and light. As the song, I have chosen for this week. It is sweet and gives a very light feeling to the listeners, at least to me. The composer is Wolfgang Fuchs, and the title is A Little Song Of Spring. With this song, I wanted to celebrate nature and its amazing way to reborn every year in spring!

Dear community, well done everyone for week 49, you all did a great effort to bring the topic friendship in the best possible way to the scenery. @cabelindsay did a very good highlights post yesterday, hope you checked out and could enjoy listening to the great entries one more time. See you all this week 50, with the topic Be Reborn!!!


That was amazing. I didn't skip or fast forward or anything, my ears couldn't get enough.

Thank you so much @dandays !

I am glad it was on your pleasure to listen to it 💚
This week I wanted to keep it simple, and decided to play a sweet sounding song :)

Wow that was amazing! I am not familiar at all with Wolfgang Fuchs, he sounds quite modern, right? I really love some of the intervals.

I had a question about the change in tempi, is it on the score? Or was it just your interpretation, for example you slow down at the end of a cycle?

Good evening!

Hey Ed, thanks for checking out!

Yes, he is contemporary. This is the first piece from Seasons which are 4 Rockballads for piano. There is one super cool, from this series, November, I will try to find it and share here the link to the post I played it.


The changes in tempi are more my thing, but he wrote in 3 places as well to slow down, at the end of some phrases...

I think we are given the freedom to use rubato as we feel, there are no written rules how much of it is "correct". Of course, I don't use it in baroque or just little in classicism. From romanticism you as an interpreter can use it as your taste dictates it. So there are tasteless interpretation 🤣, hope that this one was not (hope 😇)

I took it easy this week, no rerecording as you can clearly hear some added notes(😅)


It was perfectly interpreted, lots of emotions! I am supposed to record something, I've been trying for a few days, but it did not sound right yet. Also playing live this one, so it has to be perfect from the beginning until the end.

Good luck then with the recording and good practising hours :)

Is it something we are going to listen here too?

Yes! It's a test song I do once in a while to check my progression.

I think last time I recorded it was my first year on the previous blockchain, so 2018... Lot's of things have changed ever since, and for the best!

Oh, that is a good idea. To check the progression 👌

And thank you!

You are welcome ☺️


Hope you were practising until now 👩‍🏫


And thank you!

Good of you to share a song that is so well-timed with the beginning of Spring - a symbol for a new life cycle. It's an elegant composition, and you play the music with a grace that brings images of green plants sprouting in the soil in my mind. I can feel a garden blooming in my heart.

Thank you for joining in and enjoying Hive Open Mic

Nature can be reborn too, yes, and as you say, it is a symbol for a new life cycle. So that brought the idea for this nice song of spring 🎶🌠

Thank you for your description what this song represented in your imagination, you expressed it so nicely. Thanks @cabelindsay 🌼🌿

You made my heart squeeze and my eyes fill with tears, what a beautiful melody !!!

If we look better into our lives, we will notice that it goes in circles. We die and are born again with our desires, habits and beliefs. We die with old approaches and thoughts and are born with new ones.

I agree with you with this fragment! ... How pleasant to always listen to you !. A hug and blessings for you!

Thank you @dianakyv for listening to me and for your nice words :)

I saw you posted also, but I was not feeling good, now I am better and I am going to listen to all I missed from you and other participants 😘🎵

Abrazos para ti también 🤗

Hey bropiano! Loving the sounds of spring from your rendition of Wolfgang Fuchs! Can't wait to see the green leaves return on the trees now after listening to that, bravo!

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Nicky-man, I just came home from a walk. Look, green leaves, you don't even have to go outside to search for them :)

Thanks for listening 🎧😇🙏

Amazing! Thank you for these! No need to go outside ever again 😃

Hahahha, you can stay inside and make new remix works. So new posts can come (btw I forgot to count how we are doing..:D )

I still need to re-install a few VSTs that I'm having difficulty with at the moment. It's been a long time since I installed them and need to find the install files so that's Sunday's challenge!

It depends on when we start the count from but since Monday, I am on 4, if we count Sunday, I have done 6... 😅 Actual footage:


Yeah, I see, you don't have this kind of distraction like me...



Sunday 👏

Haha! Oh if only! Maybe one day we'll see that big orange glowing ball in the sky!

Oh yay! I might still be able to get to 10 :)

If you could choose between one sunny week and 10 posts this week, what would you choose? :D

Listening to you play this song I can picture the flowers of spring opening and beginning to bloom.

Beautiful playing my friend 🤗💚🌼 xx

Gracias 😘 Sending you Spanish sunny greetings 🌞 :D


Hey @cuddlekitten 💛

Do you like the spring, dear kitty ? 🐈


Hola @mipiano.
woow que música tan buena. increíble lo que haces con la mano izquierda, Desde el min 01:00 quede sin palabras.
Admiro mucho a los que leen música..
feliz viernes mipiano.

Francisco, gracias por pasar y escucharme y me alegro que te gustó 🙂

Ya, yo leyendo toda mi vida y admirando a los que tocáis lo que queréis sin partituras 😁

Perfecto! The sound start melodious and softly goes through my heart. I feel that so much when I listen to the music you brought to us this time. You nailed me deeply @mipiano. Love it!!!

Thanks my friend, I am so happy it brought nice feeling to you. I was a bit too serius, I needed to concentrate so much while reading the music and couldn't relax hehehe. Oh, I would like to have that freedom one day to speak in the beginning or end of the videos like you do 🌠👏

Thank you for listening to me 😊

You are most welcome. Yes, you must full of concentrate as a great pianist. Would be nice to hear you speak up more next time. Maybe singing and playing piano at the same time?🙏😀

No, never hahaha 🤣

I just really can not do it. But who knows, maybe, one day, after many many years :D

😂😂😂I wish I would see you either in speech or singing next...




oh, cada participación que escucho de ud. me hace tomarle más aprecio y cariño. ¿qué puedo decir? hermoso, hermoso... estas melodías me conmueven, al escucharle tocar por lo general no puedo evitar una cosquilla en el pecho y nudo en la garganta... ¡arte en estado puro! Dios la bendiga, espero podamos seguir escuchándola por muchas semanas más

Julio, muchísimas gracias por escucharme y por tu comentario. Te lo aprecio, eres muy bueno en conectar con los demás 👌. Esto es muy importante para esta comunidad. Me alegro que podéis escucharme, y por favor, yo digo a veces a tu mamá usted, pero a lo mejor la mujer de piano es mejor que se quede tú en vez de ud. :D

Está bien , entonces aprovecho la ocasión para preguntarte: una vez ví en un comentario de una de tus publicaciones que alguien te llamó "Gabriella" ¿es ese tu verdadero nombre? entonces, si me permites el atrevimiento y la confianza, corrijo : Felicidades por tu maravillosa intepretación, querida Gabriella, ¡sigue deleitándonos con tu música!

Sí, soy Gabriella, y lo sentiría lo más natural que me llames por mi nombre! Thanks Julio :)

Suena muy nostalgico, me llego al corazón. c:

@adreini me alegro que ha sido así 😊
Creo que la composición es así de bonita que ni los fallos que tenía por allí en principio se notan (tanto) 😁
Sé que tú tocas y piano, espero que te mejora la condición de tunel carpiano 🙏

Siempre aprecio sus melodías! Música para el espíritu.

Muchísimas gracias @cbuendia57 , me alegro de verdad poder compartir algo bonito, no simepre estoy contenta como me sale, pero lo importante es la voluntad y el mensaje. Sus mensajes a través de las canciones que compone son tan buenas, quisiera yo saber esto.

Un abrazo 🤗 , y a Matías también (espero ne equivocarme del nombre del nieto :) )

That was really amazing 👌

Thank you @arunimabiju ❣️

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Many thanks :)

oh!!! Esta pieza de verdad tiene mi full admiracion, aun siendo contemporanea tiene mucha enfasis en melodias con contrapunto, ademas estas tienen una hermosa tension dentro de los acordes!

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Muchas gracias @thonykx01 por tu comentario. Sí, efectivamente, los acordes traen un sonido interesante y fresco, y la melodía es de esas que te quedan luego en el oído unos días jejeje.

Thank you for stopping by and listening to it 👌