General Review of Hive Open Mic week 52, LIBERTAD

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I am happy I can participate in this weekly event, although I was not here from the beginning. Some of the participants probably celebrated 52 weeks already of participating, congratulations to all of them! For being persistent and hardworking. However, there were some new participants in Open Mic, those who are new on the platform and those who maybe had some break and came back. A very warm welcome to everyone.

Also, I would like to emphasize here the fact that every week there are more and more participants, and week 52 had 86 entries. Imagine that, 86 musicians gathered around the topic Libertad, (Freedom).
That is so good news, but at the same time very difficult to host alone for the admin. So as @cabelindsay already announced yesterday, there are now three official members of the team, two moderators and the admin who is the host. I am so happy @juliopalomo that we can support together with joined forces the community! Your comments had been always so valuable and encouraging, thank you again for everything, and really so gratefully looking forward to supporting this weekly event together!

Also I would like to invite every participant to listen to others, comment and encourage each others, as that is the community spirit.

The week 52, Freedom as I already mentioned had 86 entries. I will try to mention everyone here. The participants in the following list are sorted by the date of the entry how it the serach showed me, and later searching them in other communities using the tag. So, just to remind, please do not forget to use the tag #openmic and state in the title if the post is your entry for Hive Open Mic, and the number of the current week. Please, let me know if I misspelt some name, so I will correct.










I would like to feature here just a few entries that made a special impact on me. It doesn't mean the other participants were not good. We all are improving from week to week, and we should continue to grow. As individuals and musicians. My highlights will be some new ones, and also those that already participated before. There will be other highlights posts this week, so stay tuned and check out the other highlighted ones.

Hive Open Mic week 52 | Debemos Tomarlo by @acousticsteveo

I was so surprised that a user who doesn't speak Spanish, composes and sings in Spanish!! That was so funny, that was so cool, that entry made my day when I saw it. He sings very well, indeed, and although it was not his native language, I can listen to the song again and again :)

Thank you for that gift and for bringing very good music to the scenery Acousticsteveo!

Hive Open Mic | Week 52| Queen - I Want To Break Free (Piano Cover) by @nithwit

This was his second participation in Hive Open Mic, and he did great again. He made the tracks apart, and then put them together.
He also wrote a nice post too and I agreed with the statements he exposed. I would like to stress out the last sentence he wrote

We are all trying to achieve 'Freedom' in one way or the other.
The least we can do is help each other out during our time on earth together.

I can totally agree that this is the essence of life, indeed. The real thing of our relationships and I could dare to say, in the same way, the essence of this platform also 💙 . Don't forget to start the video this week with the introduction Hive Open Mic week 53 :) Thank you Nithwit.

Hive Open Mic - week 52 – Hymn To Freedom (Cover) by @askeb

I liked his jazz playing so much, he has a soft touch, great sensitivity, perfect right-hand lead.
I liked the angle of his video recording too, but I thought it was not the best for the sound recording. However, afterwards, I realized it was so nice and perfect... You don't have to change anything Askeb, I enjoyed your video that much, so listened to it several times. Thank you!!

Hive Open Mic Week 52 | I Want To Be Free - Original Song by @jaredkhamanah

This entry is awesome! What an uplifting song with a hip-hop influence and what a passionate interpretation! I am so glad he came back, although we didn't meet before. He posted also about his students, and a bit of his musical journey, and I am sure we will listen to many more excellent songs by him. Thank you Jared.

Hive Open Mic week #52 (Cover) "Cree y atrevete" por @dreamystar

This young girl will have a nice musical future, as guided by her loving parents, she already brought us several good entries to Hive Open Mic. Never stop learning and growing dear Maria, your voice is so lovely and you have a lot of faith. Go, girl!!!

Para mis amigos hispanohablantes la traducción de algunas partes de la publicación pueden leer aquí:

Estoy feliz de poder ser parte de este evento semanal, aunque no estuve aquí desde el principio. Algunos de los participantes probablemente ya celebraron 52 semanas de participación, ¡enhorabuena a todos ellos! Por ser tan trabajadores. Sin embargo, hubo algunos nuevos participantes en Open Mic, los que son nuevos en la plataforma y los que tal vez tuvieron un descanso y regresaron. Una muy cálida bienvenida a todos.

Además, me gustaría destacar aquí el hecho de que cada semana hay más y más participantes, y la semana 52 tuvo 86 entradas. Imagínense que 86 músicos se reunieron en torno al tema Libertad.
Esas son muy buenas noticias, pero al mismo tiempo es muy difícil trabajo para el administrador. Entonces, como @cabelindsay ya anunció ayer, ahora hay tres curadores oficiales que forman un equipo. ¡Estoy tan feliz @juliopalomo de que podamos apoyar juntos a la comunidad! Tus comentarios siempre han sido tan valiosos y alentadores, gracias de nuevo por todo, y realmente, estoy muy agradecida formar parte de este equipo.

También me gustaría invitar a cada participante a escuchar a los demás, comentar y animarse unos a otros, ya que ese es el espíritu comunitario.

La semana 52, Freedom como ya mencioné tuvo 86 entradas. Intentaré mencionar a todos aquí. Los participantes en la siguiente lista están ordenados por la fecha de la entrada, cómo me mostró el buscador, y luego buscándolos en otras comunidades usando la etiqueta. Entonces, solo para recordar, no olviden usar la etiqueta #openmic e indicar en el título si la publicación que es su entrada para Hive Open Mic y el número de la semana actual. Por favor, avísarme si escribí mal algún nombre en el listado.

Stay tuned for the other highlited entries in the following days, and see you in the week 53, with the topic TOYS!!


86 entries, wow! So cool of you to list every participant by name. I like the way you acknowledge these people equally, which is the way I feel too. We are all one and the same in terms of being people who value creative expression and genuine connection, each offering music in the way we know how, each learning and growing through the songs we share. Thank you for your fantastic curation, along with your participation as a musician and a community moderator, as well as being a voice of encouragement to us all.

Thank you Cabe. I feel, at least making this list is how everyone can be in the same rewiev post, as everyone deserves to be included, but yes, impossible to highlight separately all the entries. The week 52 was a nice one with the freedom topic and record at the moment in number of entries. We will see if week 53 will beat that when I count the entries ;)

Excelente post, admiro el trabajo que realizas @mipiano sólo alguien con erdadera vocación y amor por la música ofrece su esfuerzo y su dedicación de esta manera. gracias por la mención y por tus lindas palabras hacia mí persona, me siento muy honrado, feliz y emocionado de formar parte de este equipo , prometo que haré mi mejor esfuerzo por colaborar en la medida de lo posible para que esta hermosa comunidad siga creciendo, y no sólo en número; sino en espíritu, calidad y hermandad, ¡un gran abrazo!

Excellent post, I admire the work you do @mipiano, only someone with a true vocation and love for music offers their effort and dedication in this way. Thank you for the mention and for your nice words towards me, I feel very honored, happy and excited to be part of this team, I promise that I will do my best to collaborate as much as possible so that this beautiful community continues to grow, and not only in number; but in spirit, quality and brotherhood, a big hug!

Julio, nada menos es lo que tú haces y que vas a hacer :D

prometo que haré mi mejor esfuerzo por colaborar en la medida de lo posible para que esta hermosa comunidad siga creciendo, y no sólo en número; sino en espíritu, calidad y hermandad, ¡un gran abrazo!

Oh, nunca mejor dicho esto! Esto es la esencia querido @juliopalomo, en espíritu, calidad y hermanidad 💚
Wow, ya has elevado el nivel con tu presencia, con tus palabras siempre tan bien expresadas y si lo pienso mejor, no es sorpendente. Tu madre es un sol, un tesoro y has heredado el talento y buen corazón de ella. Qué suerte tiene Matías con vosotros ❤️

Un abrazo y a ser fuertes y persistentes esta semana 🎶🎶🎶

hey @mipiano! thank you very much for including me in your general review post, I like to read this kind of posts, so the theme for this week will be "toys" ? haha let's see if I can come up with something good for this contest hehe see you, good luck to everyone!

Yes, this week is TOYS hehehhe. There are already some interesting entries, check them out @jaredkhamanah , one user played in a toy guitar, other included his son and made a cool improvisation with loop, one user played a song that composed about his childhood. Many ideas can come :) Good luck to everyone, yes :D

Sounds like fun haha I'll see how it goes! @mipiano

Mi corazón brincó de a legría al ver aqui a mi hija @dreamystar, ayyyy mi niñaaaaa, se que llegará muy lejos, gracias por el apoyo que le brindas, tus palabras son inspiradoras. Linda publicación, saludos mi bella. 😘

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Thank you very much @music-community for all the support 🙌🎶

Long life for music and the musicians in hive 😎

Hello dear @mipiano. My saxophonist friend wrote a post for the first time in the #music community. I know you're a curator in the #hiveopenmic community. Invite him too :)

I saw it, thanks to you :)

Hive Open Mic is open for everyone, he can join whenever he wants, it would be a pleasure to hear the sond of saxophone in the scenery !!

This current week is week 53 , the topic is toys. Here is the link to this week, also he can read the requirements :)

EDIT : I forgot to tag him so he can see the link : @saxophonist

Gracias amiga por su mención. Un gran resumen motivador de la semana 52 del Open mic! Felicitaciones a todos!

WoW 86 participants, Happy to see that #openmic is getting good response from the Network ❤️. Congratulations to all the participants 🎉 and let's all Unite under Music 🎶.

Felicitaciones @juliopaloma, me alegra tu crecimiento en la plataforma,te deseo muchos éxitos, eres un gran artista y te mereces este reconocimiento. Bendiciones amigo.

Congratulations @juliopaloma, I am happy about your growth on the platform, I wish you many successes, you are a great artist and you deserve this recognition. Blessings friend.

muchas gracias! aprecio sus palabras, es un gran honor poder colaborar con esta maravillosa comunidad. ah no vi la notificación de su etiqueta porque la ultima letra en mi nombre de usuario es "o" , nuevamente, le agradezco sus lindas palabras, saludo y bendiciones para ud también! =)

Vaya! Veo que en esta comunidad ustedes se toman su tiempo y ponen esmero en hacer estos reportes para resaltar la participación de los músicos cada semana. Te felicito @mipiano!

Gracias Rosana, de verdad no es fácil hacerlos y destacar solamente algunos. Pero un placer escuchar todos los talentos en el escenario :)

Nice work putting it all together

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Felicidades a todos! que cada día seamos más los artistas que participan

Thank you very much for the mention!! It's great to participate in the Open Mic, and to see the others participants! So cool this experience!

Thank you for your kind and supportive words.

You are very welcome and you did again great already for week 53!! 👌🎶
I already mentioned you to some other participants as idea for playing the toy guitar... Btw, I found now the song a want to play, I just have to practice a bit hehehe 😇

Can’t wait to hear it. 😊


Excelente brother @juliopalomo el talento nato que posees es de gran inspiración para la comunidad de openmic gogó :)

gracias hermano! tu siempre has sido un buen amigo y un gran apoyo, ¡bendiciones para ti y tu familia!