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RE: Hive Open Mic, week 31, entry be @mipiano. Gary Jules Mad World cover

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Woo, good one! Yes, I think you've captured the sentiment of all these words and emotions in your solo piano. Very impressive. I can really feel the weight of sadness. And I can relate, at this moment, feeling heaviness in my present life situation. Makes me want to cry. Beautiful.

Thank you for joining in and enjoying Hive Open Mic


Oh @cabelindsay, I have to confess that I made one video before this one. But I was so sad in that video, my face and my voice and the hole thing was more depressive so I decided to take a second fimling... With the first one probably you would cry.

Oh my, yes, I'm sure your right. This one was just the right amount of sentimental melancholy, without being overly sorrowful. :) Thanks for your sensitivity.