Our life matters

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  • The robot 🤖 man we call President finally speak but what's the essence of his speech while he didn't even mention or talk about the killings at the lekki bridge at Lagos?
  • I and other Youths know our life don't matter to those politicians in that office and I am sure this man would not give speech if this protest didn't lead to spoiling of properties

  • The Northern part of Nigeria thought they are stubborn but I know they they can't be as stubborn as the South East part especially the Lagosians

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  • This Country just need to be better for us to live in, those politicians and rich ones only care about their family so they fly them abroad and don't care about others. What a self interest people

  • I even wonder why it take that wicked man call himself Nigeria president so much time to give speech before things get worst till extend they send soldiers killing protesters

  • Imagine those that are suppose to protect us are those that are shooting at us. What a country!? What a Calous leaders leading Nigeria!?

  • We heard the robot 🤖 man call himself President and we've suspend the protest but we would never and ever rest until they do what we want

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Those are really hard times you are passing in Nigeria right now, and also it is nice to see that you are speaking up and fighting for your rights. Don't give up, sisters and brothers. All this worldwide outrage from the same state institutions must come to an end.

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