Letter to me in 2019

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I have interest as I read @ericvancewalton entry by @livingguktaiwan named "letter to me" so I decided to write my own before 2021 come in

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Dear me, I know it would be a very big surprise as you are reading this, you may not believe what I am about to let you know but you shall see it come through very soon

2020 would be the most different and difficult year for everyone and everything, not just for a single person or single thing

Firstly the so called guy you are working for would chase you away and you would find work to do but you won't find one so eating at friend's house would be the only source you can eat, your cousin sister's uncompleted building living room would serve as a home for you, you would sleep on bare floor that is full of sand but you would have a cotton to lay down and a mosquito net to avoid mosquito bite

People would treat you like a slave all because of the food they would give you and you won't have choice than to do what they need you to do if you don't want to starve to death, you would join football team, play your best in training but you would not fit since you don't eat balance diet that a sport man have to eat

Since you like sport and you won't like it to leave you, you would have to put yourself in road jog everyday, build your laps so as to fit to play football and all these you have to wake up as early as 5am, get it done before people wake up and see you because you didn't have sport kit for sport

You would hear Rumor of a virus that is killing them in oversea but you won't believe it would ever survive in your country due to the weather but your country politicians would use it as a source to make money so they would hire people to sleep on bed, count fake numbers of patients and deaths everyday pay them to pretend as if they have the virus so government, other rich individuals including the overseas government help your country with money and materials but you would only hear what the amount of the money but you won't know how it's spent

Although the virus do exist in your country but not as powerful as it did in the Europa, Asia, South America, North America and so on

The name of the so called virus would be corona-virus, this virus would reduce the would population and would have effect in the world economy and Cryptocurrency because they would all fall

All these would definitely happen but you would survive it if you don't give up


Yours sincerely me