Happy birthday to Lilly

in Hive Naijalast month


I and Lilly is the only cat 🐱 and rat 🐀 that do together, no day can pass without argue between can and rat end that is how it happen between I and Lilly the only difference is that cat and rat never have any feelings for each other, cat kills rat but our own never result to hurting talk less of killing and it would never be

Today is my fight mate birthday, although we never agree on the same thing but we can't do without each other, but so bad I ain't around now for my babe, hope my babe understand even if I didn't come back in a year or more because of how things seems now

I wish you many year in much money, not a long life without best life. My babe is the best female hustler I ever know, maybe it is because of the tribe she is from

I ain't behave like my babe want but my babe still take me as I am which make her one of a kind. I ain't ready to loose you babe and I'll always love you.

Happy birthday Lilly