Do good to someone any time you have chance, you may not have the opportunity again.

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Jesus this life that I live is all yours.
No wonder the song writer once wrote this world is not my own just passing by.


Today I received a news that shock me to my marrow.
When did waking up in the night to visit the toilet or defecating in night become death sentence?
That a woman I saw in the morning even t will become a death person by 11pm
No sickness, no sign of death only to wake up call the son. Son I want to visit the toilet can you come and wait for me? Let's go respond the son.


They went coming back instead for her to go back to bed, she start complaining weakness. son am feeling weak as that was not enough she said someone is pressing my neck who is holding your neck because no one is here except me and you that is here respond the son. Before any one could know she try to speak but she couldn't speak again and that was the end.

Is so pity that a woman will come to the world suffer all the rest of her life and also suffer in death leaving behind young children to no one to take. If cry Could bring back a death person definitely this one would have come back.


My advice
Life is too sweet to be cut short. Nothing in this life worth dying for so far there is life, you will as well have your desire, please don't die for land, property that you know there's no amount of persuasion can make you have it back especially when killjoy is involved. Please That land and property, you can get it back when you live longer. You don't know what people know places they visit during the cause of fighting you just to claim that land, property from you so what you do just don't give attention to it God has away of dealing with such people don't carry yourself to them when you are not prepare 💯% I say it again you don't know what people know, what they do behind, and places they visit you only know yourself.

I know is not easy while alive, another person come to claim your property but it wiser to live longer and claim it than to cut short with nothing. Please Let us therefore no longer allow the children of the world to be wiser than us but let us be wiser than them. I pray for more wisdom to deal with men in this world.

She die because she rise to claim what rightly belongs to her after series of Court case and she was declare the winner and the rightful owner. "The killjoy" came around you think you win? Don't worry and this is it. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Enjoy life don't die untimely. Live and take care of that lovely children, wife, your siblings and the world that God bless you with.

Thank you and have a bless week ahead....