To My Unborn Children - An Appeal To The Heart

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Life is a gift but you must be aggressive to harness it
Make a move everyday but don't be too selfish about it
Treat people with caution, everyone is important, though some don't look it
At every point of success, stay humble because another challenge looms


Don't make too much efforts towards what you can't change
Do what's within your ability, others are taking shape with time
People will try to push you, but follow you heart
At the end the responsibility rest on you, not who advised you

You have the right to ignore what's not in your list of preference
You can equally ignore friendship that adds no value to your vision
You can ignore distracting endeavors if it's going to stop you halfway
Precision and accuracy are very important in the journey of life

In life you can't be too careful but be careful within your sphere of knowledge
In all things be discrete and committed to a course, never say no when you are to say yes
Let every response from you be tangible and accountable
Let everything you do be what you can proudly defend

Let your words be few and be full of integrity
Let your attitude command trust and respect even in the dark
Let your dealings with people spell sincerity at all times
Let people know you for good and nothing evil at all


Asian George

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