FIRST POST ON HIVE NAIJA: Just To Keep It Going(Poem)

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I found you in your down moments
Made the sacrifice to make you feel cherished
I went out of my way and compromised my values
All I did, just to keep it going


I wanted what we shared to grow stronger
I wanted a bond that even the storms can't break
I wanted a life of bliss and fulfillment
Just a creative way to keep things going

It wasn't about me but us
Nothing like gain was in my mind
I made it clear that all I care about is you
Everything I did was for the joy we shared

Life tricked me in this
I thought I have found the perfection I needed in you
I thought I won't have to endure any pain again
I never knew you could betray such a beautiful life we shared

I still believe in my love for you
I don't know about what you felt or still feel for me
But I have decided it's not about me
If you will come back, I have no hurt against you

I believe love is a decision just as who we choose is
I believe the broken can be amended
I believe the tides can turn again
All I need is that our love thrives again

Let me hold you again with my warm hands
Let us ignite the fire of our love again
I'm sorry about what you did, please you don't need to apologize
Just come, we can work it out.

Dedicated to a broken heart!

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