Half a day in Bristol City Center 英國布里斯托半天遊 ( 附中文字幕)

Bristol 布里斯托位於倫敦西南部,曾經被選為全英國最宜居城市。 我這半天遊會帶大家去市中心,看看大教堂,市政府大樓,和講一點點這個市為什麼最近登上國際舞台。最後我會去一個疫情下,非常可愛的公園。

Here's a video of my recent trip to Bristol, we'll take a tour around the City Center, and take a look at the infamous Colston statue, and the covid friendly open space called Queen Square that will melt your heart.


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Quite a few nice buildings! Outdoor without mask. That is not happening over my side of the world. Everyone here is required to wear a mask by law.


Wow, I'm really glad I've opened this post and watched the video. I thought this was in Chinese too at first.

Looks like Bristol is a lovely place, full of history and cultural heritage. I'm going to go back and check your latest posts to see if I've missed anything. I'm sure I did. I hope you don't mind if I will comment on older posts. As far as I know that is considered spam.

Well done! 👍👌

Comments are always welcome @erikah amd as you have gathered, I don't do enough of it. I rarely do Chinese only posts, and in the rare occasion I do, i keep it within the community and don't share to my blog so it doesnt confuse readers.

Thanks for your support 😊