The beauty of spring ~ wisteria flowers💜春光乍现之美~ 紫藤花

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春暖花开~ 人间四月天… 这个季节最美好的事就是感受人间绿意盎然,繁花似锦的美景💜

很遗憾,还没有幸亲临现场感受紫藤花的惊艳之美… 但能被朋友分享的美图所吸引也是可遇不可求滴



Spring Blossom ~ April Day on Earth... The most beautiful thing in this season is to feel the greenery of the world, the beautiful scenery of flowers like brocade 💜

It's a pity that I haven't had the chance to experience the stunning beauty of wisteria flowers in person... But it's rare to be attracted to a beautiful photo shared by a friend

When a glance to see these beautiful pictures of wisteria flowers, I can not hide the lingering love of purple...

Because of the purple, because of the wisteria, once again feel the flow of natural energy...



从这些美美哒紫藤花照隔空感受那一簇簇紫藤花开的繁茂… 烂漫~


Feel the luxuriance of wisteria flowers from these beautiful photos of wisteria flowers... Romance ~

At this moment I have been addicted to wisteria flowers to bring my love intoxicating complex...
How about you, do you like wisteria? Have you been moved by it...


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是的 这是朋友分享的照片其实我现实中都没见过呢😅😅 谢谢英姐🤗