Hanging out with the kids 遛娃

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带孩子出去玩,现在网络流行语是遛娃,哈哈~ 这词还挺贴切的哈,我想是因为很多比较闲的人爱养宠物,然后经常遛狗遛猫演变而来的说法吧

我比较喜欢说带孩子压马路去… 呵呵~


从小孩子就蛮喜欢跟着我到处走,来到商场里他更是自由自在,东瞅瞅西逛逛… 以前是跟着我那瞧瞧这玩玩,我比较看中买衣服,以前还会跟着我一起看衣服,活脱脱是个知心的好伙伴呢🤭🤭


Take children go out to play, now network catchword is the doll for a walk, ha ha ~ this is apt, also, I think it's because many people who love pets more idle, and then often walk my dog to the cat evolved from view

I like to say take the kids across the street... Ha ha ~
It's been a long time since my kids and I went to the mall, and one day we came to the Blue Sky and Clear Water Shopping Center

It was to say that the mall to recharge the bus IC card, charging card is also a minute thing, such as a minute later did not want to go to where, so we are in the mall to hang out...

When I was a kid, he liked to follow me everywhere. When he came to the mall, he was free to look around... Before is to follow me that look at this play, I take a fancy to buy clothes, before also will follow me to see clothes together, live and let go is a bosom good partner 🤭

Now the child is big, he compares take a fancy to the plaything in his eye, become reverse I followed him to run everywhere go😂😂


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撸点外果仁点赞试试 字数也少加点英文凑字数😅😅🙈