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The Journey

This whole thing started April 30th 2019, which means we've been on HIVE for one year and 4 months.

In that time, we've been sharing music of all genres from bands, musicians, DJs and rappers in my area. I've found that to be an incredibly rewarding experience in itself.

All our posts are original music from these incredible musicians. All recordings are made by me.

We started promoting the use of cryptocurrency within the music community through online meetups on our Discord server Recording Box Radio where we do interviews, play some music and do crypto giveaways.

RBR meetup small.png

And started accepting HIVE as payment for studio services.

crypto friendly small.png

I learned about @atomcollector, a site that rewards independent musicians with ATOM tokens which in turn led me to learn about @risingstargame which is a NFT based card game built on the HIVE blockchain.
(Cookin' up some posts about that, will link here once I'm done)

Since then we've created a custom STUDIOTIME token on Hive-Engine. It will soon be in circulation and will open many possibilities for Recording Box and independent musicians in my city and hopefully beyond that at some point.
Maybe we can even integrate STUDIOTIME with other projects like @risingstargame or @Dcitygame... who knows...The possibilities are endless.
STUDIOTIME token on HIVE.png

Being part of the HIVE community has been an incredibly rewarding experience and has absolutely convinced me of the immense potential of blockchain technology. I hope to be here for a long time and contribute to the growth of the HIVE Family.

Useful links

For the newcomers reading this post, I have a few useful links that have helped me understand HIVE a little bit better:

What is it?Link
Search toolhttps://hivewhat.com/directory/
Stats toolhttps://hivestats.io/@recording-box
Token Wrapping on Ethereum toolhttps://www.whive.network/
another stats toolhttps://hivetasks.com/@recording-box
Upvote calculatorhttps://steemnow.com/upvotecalc.html

Hi guys!

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thanks! Only I thought I might be able to se a map with all the posts from this initiative. I only see my post. Am I doing it wrong?

Hey @recording-box, thanks for taking part and sharing your Hive experience, seems like you've been a busy bee on Hive.

This is the link to see all the posts for this initiative, it uses the tag hifromhive to show them all, that's why people have to use the right tag otherwise it won't show up. Your's is there, and its great to see Guatemala make its mark. Thanks!

By the way, given all the work you're doing on Hive and Discord, have you thought about setting up a community for your genre so there's a place for like minded people to post their content? Not sure if it will help you build and grow your community.

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