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It's how I feel myself every single day. I'm just an Ant, who is living, working, drinking coffee, doing, eating, walking at nights, photographing a shit, makes conclusions, drinking coffee, and thinking in a whole sociality, having emotions, creating garbage, warring about global warming, talking about politics and attending massive protests, wearing a bandana and listening to The Mars Volta, drinking coffee, not believing to the TV news bullshit, looking up to the sky but seeing the only skyscrapers around, drinking coffee, photographing an actuality, hating mainstream and futility, drinking coffee, as usual, some more coffee again.



Well, I love city life. I was born in a small for Soviet scales city, was moved to another bigger and fully industrial one, finally spending my life in another one, much more modern, full of nightlife, night music, and night everything. I don't know if I love it or hate it. I think that doing both at the same time and it's really ok, seems like many of us are doing this during our "long" life in relation to many things.






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I loved the photos. Especially the second, fourth, sixth and seventh. They all say a lot.
An Ant that moves a lot, dear friend. And does a lot. I'd never dare to underestimate an ant.
I identify with the coffee and coffee and more coffee and coffee to top it off.
And yes, the love-hate relationship with cities is a very real thing.

thank you for the kind words :-)
will drink my first coffee soon
actually, some 10 years ago i moved to a small village located 30 km from TelAviv but i'm working in T-A so driving there every single day. and often staying there after the workday and going there also at weekends. but i do feel like i'm still a part of this nonstop life of the big anthill