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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: Monsoon

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I'll cross that off my list for the 'sights of the north' tour. At least there was some of the old decor to 'enjoy'. I expect that avoiding arson is a reason so many places are tightly sealed up. There will always be firebugs who get a thrill out of torching things.

My dad had a colleague visit from Germany once and took him for an Indian. The guy foolishly asked for the hottest they had and then had to suffer eating it to avoid losing face. I never saw the point in that. Food is to be enjoyed.


The curry thing was something I never did either, though donner kebabs were another matter. As it's meat I guess you never experienced that.

Pissed, walking the streets, eating Kebabs and singing Stranglers songs very loud. It was a long time ago, when I was a wee lad.

I used to eat meat, but don't think I ever had a donner. Never had a Big Mac either :) Plenty of times as a student I'd get takeaway on way home from the pub. Tended to be fish and chips or baked potato. Did my share of singing. Did renditions of stuff from The Wall around Coventry city centre :)

Happy days. Back then there were unlikely to be any photos to come back and haunt us.