Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Sad Story of the Wild Boar Hotel

in Urban Exploration6 months ago (edited)

A lot has happened at the Wild Boar Hotel in the last few months. In the duration of two weeks, it became a celebrity Urban Exploration visit and a tour bus special.


Urbex Terminology: 'tour bus' – Not to be taken literally. When a location gets so popular that buses of people arrive and it's more akin to a popular beach resort.



This presents its own problems. The Urban Exploration community is huge on Facebook and the popularity of it exploding.


If a location is revealed publically the whole community will know where it is within hours, especially something that looks as visually pleasing as the Wild Boar Hotel with its Tudor styling.


This leads to further problems as the vandals, dickheads, spray paint boys and thieves all learn about it, get in their cars and drive there to have their fun in the form kicks or material wealth.

…'is it any wonder that people don't want to give out locations?'…

Personally, I was waiting for the tour bus expeditions to finish so I could go and see what was left and what I witnessed sickened me.


I first encountered the Wild Boar Hotel almost 18-months beforehand while I was in the area one weekend.

That particular day was foggy as it was February, and I pulled up in the car park not expecting to gain access to the premises.


...'February 2019'...


...'July 2020'...

I took a few shots in monochrome noting than the old pub was run down but quite intact. A builder arrived shortly after parking close to me but made no contact on my departure.

These are some of the images I shot that day and show the building in good condition. I looked through the windows and it was gutted inside.

Since then the interior has been fixed up and re-decorated quite lavishly.


...'February 2019'...


...'July 2020'...

I could see that from the emerging Facebook photography of 2 months ago. Now I will show you what it looks like presently.

There is little point hiding the fact that access to The Wild Boar Hotel is as open as it ever gets. There are more open entrances than sealed ones, and you might wonder why the owners are doing nothing about it.


In sections, entire walls are missing. Who in their right fucking mind breaks down a full upper wall of a lovely building, and how would you even do that?

…’if a building could portray emotion, The Wild Boar Hotel would be hysterically sobbing without any pause to breathe’..


Entire doors were missing, not just open but gone.



I could see the effort the owners had placed into making this section really nice.


It still looks good if you ignore the bent chandelier these wankers were swinging on a few weeks back.


This is another angle of the wall that is now missing from the inside. I am thinking this was once a check-in area with what looks like a desk for a clerk.

When winter arrives with the rain and snow what is going to look like?


As an Urban Explorer who strictly doesn't touch things, take things, steal things, destroy things, vandalize things, paint things I was truly sickened with what I saw at the Wild Boar Hotel.



What happened to the mantra, 'take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints'. Some of the recent visitors do fall into this category while others clearly do not.



The more of it I took in the quicker I wanted to leave. What I was seeing didn't interest me at all and I did not look around with my usual vigorous enthusiasm.


...'this set of tables and chairs were setup quite elegantly until recent times. Now they are kicked over and upturned'...

I have seen images of people stealing equipment from The Wild Boar Hotel (publically exposed on Facebook), and I know that number plates have been recorded and names forwarded to the local police.



The information and feedback I have received from certain trusted people is that nothing has been done and no arrests have been made.

…’I couldn’t wait to leave The Wild Boar Hotel, such were the awful images I saw’…

I think it was the fact that I had seen this lovely location intact and ready for restoration that it hit me so hard.



Then seeing the décor inside, compared to my memories of it being gutted ... that really did it.



Trust me, I have seen many shells, wrecks, and fire-bombed properties but none of them registered like this one.




For the moment The Wild Boar Hotel has dropped off the active Facebook radar, I hope it stays that way. It seriously needs sealing up and securing.






I left @dizzydiscovery to finish off his video and photography work and went back to the car. I had seen enough and will never return to The Wild Boar Hotel.


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After the FB posting by that creature who calls himself an explorer, the post was forwarded to West Cheshire Police, who went on record to say these the current owners were not going to take any action, and as a result that they the police, would not be either. ( yet they were absolutely spunking themselves trying to catch 2020truthers who refused to go into lockdown!).
Hence it has now been completely destroyed.

I visited back end of December last year, couldn’t get in walked away. I’m glad you got it out of your system!

I was horrified and did not expect it to be in this state. I saw videos of people climbing through upper windows.., but to walk in through one of the half-dozen broken down doors was a shock to me.

The owners don't want to take action?, there is something clearly wrong here.

Yes without doubt can’t understand it

I just don't understand. This looked like a beautifully decorated home with so much thought, time and obviously a neat amount of cash going into it. I am all for exploring and goofing around but why make a mess of it and then put it up on social media!?
No words

This is sad. The old hotel would have made a nice shelter or group home for many. Not sure why people feel the need to destroy beauty.

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What a sad state of affairs, this is one hell of a building and to see such destruction is a dammed shame. I can't believe the owners didn't take any action it's like giving a green light to further visitors with bad intent.

No doubt it will pop-up on the radar every so often. The Facebook community is tired of seeing it and reading about it, but on HIVE I knew it would be fresh news.

That just really makes me sad. I really don't have any other words than sad.

Thanks for a good look at an appalling spectacle.

Seeing buildings in bad states is what I do, I had some kind of attachment to this one simply because I saw it 18 months ago, in a position to be renovated. I guess Covid-19 was the last straw for the owners.

I love Tudor style. If I could build any style house it would probably be that. The vandalism is one thing, but the level of neglect it takes to allow such a thing to happen is worse IMO.

This happened in a relatively short period of time. The first reports I saw, it was very well decorated, no vandalism, then Jason Lloyd and his buddies visited and the FB community went into an absolute uproar after they publically bragged and listed 2 youtube videos.

They were quickly removed but not quick enough. The images of some other thieves were posted taking stuff away and stuffing it into 2 cars. The plates were recorded, nothing was done.

What a place!

I look at all the places you go and it blows my mind. You can’t even buy a house for a quarter million here and there are huge places like that just laying derelict.

I know there are places like that near me and you may inspire me to give it a shot some day. Til then, I love your adventures old friend.


There are many places, and many I don't know about. The best ones are kept underground and from the dickheads. There are very valid reasons for this. Good to hear you read all this stuff, I'm never sure anyone does!

Maybe it makes sense when reporting not to indicate the location coordinates? There will always be enough morons on any topic. These are just sick people disposing of their problems in this way.
I understand your pain from vandalism. But there is still pain for the past of such places. They deserve more.

I use pinmapple but good luck finding this in Chester town center! I don't place pins ever, the wide-area is about as precise as it gets.

This is not my story... I live in Russia :-)
Urban Explorer is a new topic for me, but I'm interested.


That is pretty annoying that people would just go in and do stuff like that. Don't you guys have a motto like we do about the woods over here. Leave nothing but footprints or something like that. They have signs like that all over the state parks in the US. This building reminds me of a couple towns in Michigan. Gaylord and Frankenmuth have an old world Bavarian feel to them so they have the buildings with the wood embellishments on the outside.

Leave nothing but footprints or something like that.

We do, I mentioned this in the post. Only UX people do this, the rest are vandals and thieves.

Sorry, I must have missed it among all the great photos! :)

Very sad to watch. It really needs security measures a.s.a.p.

The owners don't care and are happy to let it get worse, maybe looking to claim on insurance.

Oh that is just horrible from an ethics point of view

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Seriously assholes will ruin everything for the rest of us, no matter what the subject is. What a shame.

Sickening this is what gives Ubex a bad name. When people like you go to recored history and make art little shits (or older shits) ruin it. The problem in todays society really makes me sad 💯🐒