Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Railway Hotel

I thought I heard a rumour that The Railway Hotel had been burnt down. Well now, though would not a first, would it?

Maybe I am going senile as I can’t find any evidence to substantiate this myth. I can’t even find any decent history surrounding it never mind drama.


On arrival, it did look in better condition than some of the shitholes I frequent. It also looked quite well sealed.


Looks can be deceiving as The Railway Hotel was currently in the midst of a minor 'Tour Bus' frenzy, which could very well attract the attention of the sealers.

We would need to have a look around and see what the crack was.


As usual, the back was the target, and once over the wall, we were partially shrouded from the nearby nosey bastards. I am getting much better at climbing though it usually involves sweating too.


How long had The Railway Hotel been closed? Looking at this swing, I would say.. a while.

Luck would be with us that day, but extreme positioning would be required as the entry point took us to this questionable landing point.

I know of at least one explorer who has placed his foot into this shitter which has then melded with its contents.


Adding a large brick into the mix hardly helps things. One slip and your foot twists as well as being covered in shit. Stretching your leg downwards and hoping no one has recently pissed on the slippery ceramic toilet edge is what you call optimism.

That day we managed to get away with it, though avoiding the diarrhoea on the bottom of your shoes was hoping for too much.

Would it be worth all this fucking effort? We were about to find out.


Well, that’s not very friendly. Technically a 14-year old can enter a pub if they don’t drink alcohol, and that is a child.



Is that a takeaway order? Someone is going to get seriously pissed.


Our government has a habit of mistakenly dishing out too much cash and then demanding it back. Threatening letters will come if you don’t comply.




So it’s a little smashed up but I have seen many a worse pub.


If there were not lots of broken glass then it would not be properly abandoned.

Here is a bag of dubious white powder and a lot of it. Aren’t you supposed to taste it to detect its quality? Maybe I have been watching too many cop shows.


It could well have been some kind of quick-acting mouth cement and not what I was anticipating; as tempted as I was, I thought better of it.




We entered and did not get hurt. Don’t always believe what you read in derps.



Paula unfortunately was not at hand to present us with the double gift of fellatio.


It was a little bare downstairs, so we climbed up the very stable stairs to check out the rest.



There are always floorboards missing, it is part and parcel of exploring.



It was starting to look bare up here too. Then we noticed a room that looked a tad different.




They had left a few things behind, more than a few.



Paula looks to have been having a bad time back in 2013. Debts, Rats, and Poison are subjects I picked up from this paint-strewn letter.


She must have had at least one kid with the décor I could see.


Books are often left behind as they have little resale value.


What the hell is that?


Let's look a little closer. Bottle caps, is this Fallout? At least it's not human ears.



Years 8 and 9 means a young teenager was living at the pub.


Why would you not take The Jazzman with you?



A newspaper from ten years ago; it’s hardly vintage,

The crap left behind once again told the familiar story of hardship. Pubs are not doing well in the UK, and many more will be closing down in the next year.


Now we had to deal with that toilet again..., just great.


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@tipu curate :)

Thanks :)

See!! Where would urbexing be without a loo 😄

I am amazed it's not collapsed under the weight of the all the 'visitors'. Now that would be unpleasant!

 last month (edited)


People buy that revolting Aussie pisswater in England?

No wonder it closed!

slags love railway

I always hated Fosters. The adverts we used to have over here indicated the Aussies love it. Was it all lies?

 last month (edited)

Aussies worship it like a nectar of the gods - Kiwis regard it as cheap Aussie piss!

the nz beer is Steinlager - an acquired taste (i don't like beer myself) - but certainly a strong and manly brew.


and the ads are better


I take it you have some sturdy footwear for clambering and walking on broken glass. Looks like someone enjoyed smashing the place up. Not been torched, yet.

I'm not sure what pubs around here might be shutting down. The village has lost a load already since we've lived here. Some have been turned into homes and one is an Indian now. At least they did not stay abandoned. I think there is plenty of demand for properties with lots of being built. That's what happens when you can convenient for commuting to London.

Not as sturdy as you may think, just reinforced trainers. Hob-nail boots might be better suited but not so good for scaling walls.

Thinking out loud
If Paula had given better head she may not have been in so much debt!
That bottle top weapon looks interesting, squatters protecting themselves?

Bottle top weapon.. haha!.., I saw no homeless evidence in this one. Possibly the shitty entrance point may have been a factor.


What the hell is that?

A home-made percussion instrument. Think giant rattle/maracca.

I was wondering why there was a carrier bag full of bottle tops earlier in the post. Now I know. 😊

Bottle tops remind me of Fallout, the national currency.

So how long after extricating yourselves did you spend sliding your feet back and forth in weeds or wet grass to get rid of the shoe goo?

Posted via proofofbrain.io

I hoped the grass would be wet but I honestly cant remember!

That ..."Or I will hirt you..." graffitti gives me a great idea for serial killing. Buy up a big old wreck like that and kit it out as a trap. WRite something like that on the door and then lie in wait for all my urbex victims, Preferably dressed as a filthy plastic santa!

Yeehaw!! A killing here I come!

There have been pranks, I haven't seen any in recent times!

It's covid. It's depressing reality itself

It looks a little better than I was expecting on the inside. Definitely better than some of the other places that you have been to. It actually looks like if you cleaned up all the crap you could still probably do something with the building if you wanted to. It just might take a bit of work.

I do wonder if any of them make it or simply get worse. It's rare of me to do a re-visit.

I am kind of shocked it wasn't a burned or shell inside.

Maybe you need to match Paula up with the fella from the Hermit Hut.😄

That kitchen could do with a bit of cleaning...

I wouldn't dare walking inside that building. Great post though, @slobberchops.

I love the architecture, how beautiful

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Lovely buildings, but only outside.