Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Hebrew House

I am going to break tradition and write about a very recent explore. Not that it is anything special..., it’s just about vindication and conquering.

The last time myself and @dizzydiscovery tried to get into 'The Hebrew House’, we both got injured. Blood had been spilled and this house would need to pay by letting me in!


I had been tipped off that it was now open and accessible and so visited with another fellow explorer who is not on HIVE.

He also told me that there is likely to be still a squatter inside, that the upstairs doors are all nailed down and don’t contain any handles.

The last point struck me as odd. Had someone been entombed behind one of the doors, denied food and drink and we could be unearthing a 15-year old skeleton?

The memory of this house injuring me last time made the determination more pronounced. It would be different the time; we would be getting inside, decaying skeletons or otherwise.


…’maybe this should be named ‘St Clements Rectory’ as it is named within the original stonework, we only noticed it on departure’…

The Hebrew House is on a very busy road, but fortunately for us is shrouded in bushes, and once inside the grounds we would become invisible to prying eyes.


After all the hassle last time, getting in was ridiculously simple. I was expecting some kind of challenge at the least. Is this a derelict property or a badly decorated doctor’s surgery?


So it could do with a little clean, spit, and polish but it is not the usual wrecks we are used to seeing.


Finding anything interesting could prove challenging.

We found the cellar quite quickly which was very small considering the size of the property.


Hack Saw, Crow Bars, Mole Grips? How many used to occupy each shelf? It was looking more like a burglar’s hideout stash by the minute.



Seeing boxes of tiles takes me back to my first job at Asda. It is not a pleasant one as I was in charge of the tile section. I have seen enough boxes of Cristal tiles to last me a lifetime.

We walked back up to the ground floor to see if there was anything more interesting while listening for footsteps from the upper floor.

Squatters generally don’t stay inside during the daytime while there is potential for street begging.


I noticed this door contained nails, but also a handle. It opened just like all the others. So my imagination was getting the better of me again.


The stained glass windows on the stairway were looking like the highlight. The Hebrew House appears to be vandal-free for the moment.


Parts of the upper floorboards were missing, but that is quite standard fare.


So there is a squatter living here, who likes Coca-cola, Fruit shoots, KFC, smokes, and probably likes his smack with what I could see lying around.


He’s probably young looking at the discarded coins. Young people think that 1p and 2p coins are generally not worth bending down for.

The golf cart was a little of a puzzle. It does not fit with the rest of the contents of the room.


Does anyone use this good quality derelict toilet? If there’s one installed surely one should piss in it.


Another upstairs room contained another sleeping bag. Maybe there are two temporary occupants.


This must be the resident dustbin. I doubt the council takes their shit away, so it needs to be kept somewhere. Why not the main hall where everyone needs to walk over it to get around?

I entered another room and almost wretched. The stink of piss was overbearing, and it could be seen quite clearly underfoot.


This urine-covered student loan repayment was difficult to photograph and I had to hold my breath.

I wonder if Miss Dalley knows her correspondence is soaked in stale piss?


Another piece of writing looked completely out of place. I don’t generally associate smackheads with Jesus and the Lord.


Ohhh, this was too much. Don't even look unless you are an administrator of the LooLoo community.


…’you had to watch your footing upstairs; the condition was good besides all the urine and shit’…

We made our way out at this point. Yes, we had got inside, but it was hardly exhilarating stuff.



Those windows do look a little like ones from a church. Was this the inspiration for that godly note?


The best externals of The Hebrew House are taken when standing in the middle of the road. This can be hazardous to one's well-being so I had to wait a while to get what I was looking for. Being squashed by a passing car was not on my mind.


It seems the house is scheduled for demolition. Given the state of it inside that is purely wasteful. The roof appears intact and it could be recovered.


This is why it is loosely named, 'The Hebrew House'. Whether it is really Hebrew or not..., who knows.

I wonder if Mr. Squatter notices that his house has been visited while out begging; probably not.


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Nice windows, good to see the locals don’t Chuck stones. The LooLoo community has a lot to answer for!

It seems a little off the radar. Being bricked up for some time worked well I think. The bloke living inside probably didn't think so.

I looked at the place I could have squeezed through last time, a 5 foot drop head first into an old bath would have been my landing area. I love this.., there's nothing else that comes close. !WINE.

Now you crumpled up in a minging old bath would have been perfect for The LooLoo

I think the golf cart is used for transporting stuff about, I have seen beggary folk with all kinds of wheeled things to move stuff.

This one was practically immaculate!

I did chuckle at the student loans company letter. Ah the memories!!

This one was practically immaculate!

You never can tell until you get in. I have seen outsides that look great, and then once in... yeauch! Someone was using the carpet the loans letter was soaked in as a piss pot. Talk about pungency extreme! !WINE.

I always get baffled by the lifted floorboards. How? Why even ! If the place is quite well kept especially.

Not sure about why they tend to be missing. It is quite regular.

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I've been browsing your blog, you sure do find some interesting places to explore. I think I'd be too afraid to enter these buildings. I would hate to run into squatters!

I only ran into a couple. They were semi-intellectuals and I listened to one complain about the bad state of his 'free house'. It's been demolished now after yet another fire where he had to be dragged out in the night by the fire brigade and avoided being burnt alive. !WINE.

Sounds about right. Reminds me of Cambridge. I had some friends who were on the same course as me, but pretended to be homeless. They all had very wealthy parents but were rebelling. They'd sit on the side of the road begging (even sleeping rough) while waxing philosophical with the people passing.

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Pinching my nose, holding my breath and got my face mask

LOL, they usually don't stink.. being dried up and caked, this was an active unit!

Those stained glass windows are quite beautiful which is in jarring contrast to the gross condition the rest of the house is in. Big oof, I don't even want to think about the odor of those more... urine-themed rooms...

in jarring contrast to the gross condition the rest of the house is in.

This is good compared to some of the places I visit. Getting used to seeing things like this is part and parcel of Urban Exploration. !WINE.

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beautiful house I especially like its windows, to see the panorama.

I wonder if the pisser is the same person as the squatter ... or whether it was a couple of kids exploring the house and simply pissing before they left. But, you never know.

I'd expect someone to steal the stained glass. At least around here, that would make a decent profit at a garage sale. It seems to be becoming trendy again in homes and sheds.

If the window can be salvaged, I hope it finds a new home.