Tales of the Urban Explorer: Murphy's Machinery

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It was around 4 pm when we arrived at Murphy's Machinery, and a bit knackered after doing around 9 other venues that day.


I read with interest about someone else trying to get in here and getting as far as peeking through a hole. It was not looking promising and I was not expecting access to be easy.

Within a few minutes, I spotted the 'hole' and peered through to what looked like a room of pure murder.


Swinging chains that could be used to hold corpses lurked within with hooks and all kinds of other sadistic sights. It even made me shudder and I'm well versed in seeing gruesome-looking sights.

What a place this could be for a prospective psychopath and torturer, if only they could deter those pesky interfering Urban Explorers from keep turning up.


Within a few minutes, a van drew past us and drove around the back of Murphy's Machinery past what looked like someone's house.


The house was going to be problematic if we went around there, with some nosey twat likely to come out shaking their fists and giving us some crap, so I contented myself with looking around the front area.

The van came back in less than 3 minutes, pulled up and stopped.

'Alright..., are you Urban Explorers?', said a cheery voice.

Well this is different

'Yeah mate', I said trying to stifle my surprise at the recognition of our 'profession'

Just look around, and tell them in the house to fuck off if they come out and start hassling you

Very different, ... I was getting more shocked by the second.

'Hey you're not thinking of going in are you?'

…and without waiting for a response…

I shouldn’t tell you this but you can get in around the back’, he pointed in a direction, and then he took off without a second glance.

Fucking hell, what was all that about!


Without pause we started around the back in the direction told to us by MrVan.

…’but where was the way in? It was not as easy to find as we anticipated’

Around the back we saw the back door, @dizzydiscovery was dragging his heels a little and then I heard it.


A blood-curdling howl coming from somewhere within the building…


Well, this is just fucking great, and we are trying to get in there only to be eaten by some bloody great oversized abandoned Great Dane?


The noise was eerie, unworldly, and strange. Not quite the noise of a normal dog. Just what was in there?


...'avoid the back door if you want to live'...

The access point was not materialising and we were in danger of being spotted by the probably nosey neighbours at this point and so made a hasty retreat.

@dizzydiscovery was about to quit and fold, but I persuaded him to take another look. We must have missed something surely…

’and there it was in all it’s heavenly glory.. the way in’

Sometimes things are just so obvious that you miss them.


We scrambled through the window and looked down the corridor at a very dodgy looking floor with plenty of cracks and several large holes.


This was the way OK, if it looks like you are going to die then keep on going.


There appeared a way to get into the adjacent building as well as this one. This would have meant a trip out here and into the territory of the howling half-starved hound.. err.. maybe not.


There was machinery alright in here. I have no idea what this was or what it’s use once was.


…’as much as I would have liked to interrogate these drawers, the floor was so damn dodgy I thought better of going there’…



Metal stairs on the other hand are generally sound, even heavily rusted ones.



Then I arrived in the 'Murder Room' with enough chains and hooks to host the set of Reservoir Dogs 2.


There was even a comfortable chair for the host and a cheap plastic one for the victim. Not sure what the wheelbarrow was for though?


Now that's some cool artwork. No signature, unfortunately.


The Murder Room contained a few other bits of heavy machinery.


Is this an old clocking machine?


Does the whiteboard suggest this room held meetings once? It seems a strange choice of venue for me.


The only piece of correspondence I could find, and slightly burnt at that.



I guess the shelves held parts and bits once. Nothing left there now.





We only got inside a small section of Murphy’s Machinery but that was enough.



It held a different kind of aura, quite unpleasant, strange, and uncomfortable.



We spent at best 15 minutes inside and left. I knew the images of the ‘Murder Room’ were going to be decent. That’s why there are quite a lot of them.


An interesting place and one we nearly missed out on, but don't go all the way around the back and try that door or you may get eaten.


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Oh for gosh sake, that's so intense! I have goose bumps. Do you suppose there is any other explanation for the creepy hooks? I found a description of the place on Facebook, including a short video of a structural post covered with pictures of naked women, but the other explorer didn't seem to think anything terrible had happened there. I'm leaning toward your theory!

Oh, it's my over-active imagination. I know 'Lost Places & Forgotten Faces', and have met him, he's a nice dude but I can't entice him to put his content on HIVE.., I have tried.

He solos everything and has a lot more nerve than me. The howling beast was real, and I still don't know what it was.., only that I am glad we did not meet!

The atmosphere inside was tangible and I remember talking to @dizzydiscovery after we left about the feeling I had while inside.

He goes alone?? That's insane. You're smart to bring a travel buddy, even if it only provides the illusion of better safety. Glad you didn't encounter the howling beast!

Well at least you have tried to get Lost Places on Hive. All we can do is try, right?

We did a collab with him around 2 months ago in Leeds. He had been to most of the places so was an excellent guide. One of them was new and full of kids (I mean a horde). That would not have been cool solo.

Yes, he knows about HIVE, but all I can do is tell them. They will come when the time is right.

Nice little mooch, shame you didn’t find the howler!

The howler is behind the back door somewhere and is very real. What it is, I still don't know. Maybe the van driver was dropping off breakfast for 'it', and telling us how to get in so he could have a lie in tomorrow.. breakfast sorted for the beast for one more day?

Wow, that’s got to be one weird unexpected find, and slightly arse trembling

The art really looked nice! This building would have looked cool if all the green stufd would have covered it.

Give it a few more years and you won't be able to see it anymore.

I agree!

I once worked in a similar sort of shop that made semi trailers. I'm guessing the white board was for production schedules so all the workers would know what they were working on at any given time.

That looks to be a big 'edge mill' that was way too fastened down to sell when the rest of the machinery went. The clock is probably for the employees but some places keep track of 'project time' in order to properly bill customers.

Are you sure the artwork isn't signed? The object to the right of the painting? Or perhaps the 2020 in the lower right of the frame? Or maybe inside the bird itself just under they eye. It is a very cool piece.

Do you have Murphy's law in UK? If anything can go wrong it will? That's what I thought of when I saw the title, and thought maybe one of you went through a floor...

Do you have Murphy's law in UK? If anything can go wrong it will? That's what I thought of when I saw the title, and thought maybe one of you went through a floor...

We do have Murphy's law here. That corridor was never made of the finest materials to start with. Jump up and down on it, and you are definitely toast. I was hanging on to the edges at some points hoping it would hold.

This is pretty cool. I like all of the shots you got. I have some photos I am going to share in the next week or so and I will be sure to tag you. Not an urbex, but as I was driving by I had my wife take some pictures because it looked like a place you would fancy exploring.

Cool, tag me.. always interested in the stuff you have over there. Though, you really should have peeked inside ;)

Awesome photos. I like the vibrant pops of color here and there and all of the different textures. Great story as well. Descriptions like "Murder room" really leave an impression. Its surprising that the guy in the van was so helpful. Thats a bit unexpected.

As I was saying to @grindle.

Maybe the van driver was dropping off breakfast for 'it', and telling us how to get in so he could have a lie in tomorrow.. breakfast sorted for the beast for one more day?

One idea that went through my head!

ha, yeah that's definitely a possibility

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I sure think they would want to get all of that heavy machinery from the Murder Room to the scrap yard! Very cool looking but I dont blame you for not wanting to stay!

I don't usually get the jitters, just in the odd place.

The work that mush have gone into building those old brick chimneys. Brings back memories of watching Fred Dibnah's shows.

Haha, hilarious, no health and safety, no dynamite,.. just light a fire and run when it comes down...

I'm glad you stop me from quitting that day mate. I think it was when I heard the hound that made me think "erm... I don't think so".
Great shots buddy.

You heard the hound too, it wasn't just me? We have to stop folding so easily, I don't like fails.

Totally agree on that mate. No more!!! Aha

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