Tales of the Urban Explorer: Calder Bank Mill

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I think every man and his dog has done Calder Bank Mill. It has been neglected for years and yet someone still takes the effort to try and seal it.


Is it the local council? Probably, as they have to try and keep people out I suppose.

The made a bad job in this case, as we walked down to the edge of the river and made our way inside with ease.


A couple of lads were swinging their legs and smoking some weed on a broken window ledge 20 feet up as we walked past to the right.

I didn’t notice them, but my comrade ‘Dizzy Discovery’ did and shouted a friendly ‘Hi’. After a little bantering and them deciding we were mostly harmless, they told us how to get in.


One looked to have the IQ level of around 25, had a massive grin on his face and several broken teeth, but seemed also harmless. Unless he was a damn good actor, we figured he wasn’t going to murder us once inside.

Calder Bank Mill was once a silk spinners and then when they moved out was something to do with shot blasting which is why there was some stuff relating to that in the woods nearby.

The mill had 4 storeys at one end and 5 at the other. On 29th January 1909, the mill – then occupied by J. Cheetham & Sons Limited – was destroyed by fire which started in the drying room.

I sourced an old image of the damage after the fire. Not a lot appears to have changed. Had it been like this for over 100 years, abandoned, empty, and unused?


After getting past the woeful fencing, it was a matter of deciding which window to leap into.



Besides traffic cones, old tyres and bricks, Calder Bank Mill was as much of a shell as it comes.



The two lads appeared in the far corner of this room and made to leave. There's space for everyone, but I seem to have that effect on people. Not enough deodorant?




Before they vanished I question them about their intent. They were not Urban Explorers but wanted to escape the confines of society and get wasted. Sounds like a fine plan.





At least there was a little heavy machinery left, rust encrusted and heavily worn in one corner.


…'I looked closely at this ancient relic of over 1000 years. A 90's mixing desk that has seen better days was the conclusion'…


Getting to the upper part of Calder Bank Mill required a little climbing. Not a problem for one as fat as me, I was up this wall after only a mere 45 minutes of puffing and panting.


The upper area revealed many more traffic cones. I do wonder how things get into these old mills.



Finally, we got to the room where BigGrin and his mate heralded from. The floor looked really dodgy with lots of holes yet was quite solid when walked upon.


This is the way down, not so bad really. I do enjoy the climbing aspects of Urban Exploration, even small ones like this.




Overall a very simple and easy explore but don’t expect too much from it.



If you get bored, there’s always a bed you can lie down on and wait for your mates to come out.



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Lol what are they doing with all the traffic cones??

Not too sure, it's next to a road but not a particularly busy one.

Another excellent adventure. With every post you add further proof to The Second Law of Thermodynamics!

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time, and is constant if and only if all processes are reversible.[1] Isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the state with maximum entropy.

I have more up there than BigGrin but this is going a little far!

People steal the traffic cones then can't figure out what to do with them. So they start a collection. Damn thing cost somebody about $30 each.

I've dislocated a finger, Besides a bit of pain, I have a problem typing in any normal sense. I've made this to copy/paste so I can at least let my peeps know that I'm reading. Sorry about this whole mess.

I see all kinds of crazy stuff in these places, at the time of the fire there were barely cars on the road, so they never produced them here?

I've dislocated a finger,

Ouch, hope it's back in its proper socket.

It popped back in place surprisingly easy. It's not the first time for that finger, unfortunately.

That heavy machinery is pretty awesome! I like the shots you got of that part of the mill. It is crazy the number of abandon mills that you have so close to you. What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting is similar to sand-blasting from what I can gather. A way to clean buildings and remove the grime from the walls. Doing a big old UX session tomorrow, can't wait!

Some nice big chunks there,

Good that there was something inside besides cones!

Love the open vibe, with lots of sunlight and open space, feels like nature has taken half back 😍

This one was old, older, and more ruined than most.

An old mixing desk and a bed... Was this an illegal rave club!!

Didn't think of that, raving was hot in the '90s and it would have been a great location!

It would surprise you where they had them. We had one in an abandoned railway tunnel one night back in my band days. Twas very bizarre but good! It looks like just the place!

that bed in the end was perfect for a comfortable finish haha

It was, I gave it a miss on this occasion.

This is an high level of mismanagement..

Who is to be blamed?

Whoever it is, you can sure they are now dead.

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Cool set, not a place I could light paint due to all the holes in the floor, I'd be certain to fall down one in the dark!