Tales of the Urban Explorer: Agecroft Power Station

in Urban Exploration3 months ago (edited)

After an inordinate amount of exploring posts recently I have almost extinguished last year's content and this one is a lot more recent.


Having been let down with a late cancellation, a reluctant @bingbabe joined me and surprised me with her sense of adventure.

Agecroft Colliery was closed in March 1991 and the closure of the power station was announced in November 1992. The station closed in March 1993, and demolition commenced later that year. – Source

Not so for ‘Agecroft A Substation’ which I believe this hulking ugly behemoth we were standing outside of to be, but it could be next in line for demolition.


Walking along an adjoining river bank I spotted a gap in the defences and deftly dodging the copious razor wire we mounted a hill only to be confronted by a secondary line of tall spiky fencing.


The gate looked new and they had poured some of that sticky grease paint around the lock area. As well as that, there appeared to be some kind of security lurking around in a caravan with a mangy barking dog.


This small building was in the sub-grounds which hardly made up for the disappointment.



Not one to give up easily I scoured the outer fencing earlier spotting a break within the inner fencing. It was a matter of how to get past it and out of earshot of that fucking dog.

After further scouring, I found a weak point. Talk about farting about... and all to guard this old hulk?

I will say that I am blessed with being naturally skinny, though the belly is coming along nicely with all the shit I eat.


...'on the right side of that spiky fence... finally'...

Through the smallest gap headfirst I crawled, with distraught @bingbabe in tow. Once inside I looked at this ‘thing’ in front of me. It would never have won any beauty contests when newly built, never mind now.

An explorer colleague had been in recently and described access as ‘a bit of a faf’. That was a great way of putting it.

After a bit of a hike traversing unstable ground and trying to not slide down a muddy hill with a black swamp at the bottom, we crawled in through a broken window after a climb.


What's maddening is I took a great shot of @bingbabe with her arse hanging out of it and managed to vigorously shake the camera. So it's gone forever, the moment while the memory remains.


Inside was extremely derpy with dodgy floors and extreme blackness. I was grateful for the portable floodlight I carry around with me.





The offices (I guessed) were bereft of anything exciting and connected to the main bad-looking building via this overpass that looked anything but safe.


@bingbabe clung to the sides while I happily clonked my way through the middle section. I swear I will come a cropper one of these days.



Broken glass shots I find fascinating. If only I could capture one that looked good.


Entering the large building looked more like a delivery landing zone.


The stars took us to a secondary level that looked amazingly like the lower one. We could see the caravan from this viewpoint. Was it gypsies living there?


That is some voltage. Good thing that there’s none still hanging around.



I have seen these polygon concrete things in another power station, I guess they have some significance.



Things were looking a little green in this large room.


Would you dare go through the door?




So your typical office workers would not be hanging out up here.


So why are old financial accounts here? £22,000 is quite a sum for 1986.


Scrambling through all these wires did not appeal so I did a u-turn and went back the same way.




This reminds me of the days when I worked in a factory and then quit after 7 days. Being unemployed was much better.


The same room as the green room, just one floor up hence there’s more of the stuff.




All very industrial.


.. and nature was poking through on the upper floor.




Proof that she really did come with me (complete with turban), I was proud. She later told me the place was extremely creepy. I figured it was quite normal.


They don’t need to tell me these are old lights.


Severe rusting interlaced with ageing cobwebs.

Reluctantly I climbed back through the window edging our way back onto the steep embankment. I would have liked to move in, but @bingbabe wasn't having any of that.


Giving the finger to the awaiting black swamp in case of any careless slips we made out way back out to freedom. The dog..., it was barking but I couldn't give a shit at this point.


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This is definitely something from right out of Fallout. I think there is even an old power station in one of the games. Maybe the 3rd one. That pedestal is where you stand to get beamed up to the mothership! You should try to get a close up picture of those spikey topped fences sometime. Is it sharp or just awkward shaped? That anti touch grease is crazy.

A little fog effect on that title picture might work well. I may use it for my forthcoming website if @dizzydiscovery ever gets around to doing the final touches. Industrial Explores.. with that picture., it's as industrial as they come.

I wonder what those polygonal blocks are. Maybe it is the but that something big and heavy attached to? Or maybe the sealed off sentence to the underworld!!

There were many, it was like a scene from a sci-fi movie. It could be the Underdark down there, complete with Dark Elves!

Those damn dark elves!!! It always comes back to them!!!

Industrial places seem to be more interesting with big spaces and structures even if you don't know what it all is. Bing should do her own report. I expect she has a different view on it.

I liked the broken glass shots.

Bing should do her own report. I expect she has a different view on it.

She is no writer. The ones from her in the past were written by me. It's an art.. that you can get better at, but you need the base skill to be inherently there.

Out again tomorrow, a strip club first hehe...

I have developed as a writer over many years of blogging.

Want to see you up a stripper pole!

Want to see you up a stripper pole!

I will see what I can do, if it still exists!

Well done @bingbabe making the effort, I find a lot of non explorers find our exploits creepy, you need to take her to one that gives off the sweet scent of decay once inhaled you get that urge for more! It never stops it never leaves.

I find them less creepy as I do more. A count a few days ago surpasses 150 explores now, that's not counting the fails. Web site will be coming soon and getting all these on there will be a lot of work.

Web site? Is something changing or are you going solo on the web?

I will still post here, but I want my own webspace that I can call my own. Will let you know when it all starts.

Oh! Nice one, I had thought about it myself, friends and family suggested it, but I’m lazy and couldn’t see the benefits . Good luck

It's a good thing none of the angry wall pixies that make the magic lights and motors work were hanging around. 33,000 is a lot of those!

You could still share the blurry ass photo.

You could still share the blurry ass photo.

It was non recognisable.., she was more pissed than me that I had ballsed it up.

I believe in the movie "The Fly" that its machine sat on top of a polygon type shape. Maybe that pigeon was an old transformed worker.

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Those pigeons are commonplace, as is their copious amounts of shit. More than once they flew out of enclosed areas scaring the hell out of me in this one.

Love the reds, greens and purples in the photos. Is that @bingbabe 's way of saying "you go first?"

She was a reluctant participant!

Wow wunderfull

Full of pigeons and pigeon shit!

What is Pigeon🙈 sorry


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