Fails of the Urban Explorer: A Quartet of Failures IV

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The fails are starting to mount up again, so here are a few more, some more interesting than others, but all with a story to tell.


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…'give me some crypto any day over kudos; I seem to be in the minority thinking'…

Since the recent explosion of Urban Exploring, people have become even more secretive about locations, to the point where trading has become normal, read on…


The Greaves House

The one is quite off the radar and was given to me as a ‘trade’ several weeks ago. Yes, trading of locations does go on 1/1, as if they are a valuable commodity or something.


It has been visited but only by a couple of people, and I had to break the bad news to the person who gave it to me not to bother visiting, as it has now been locked up.


New locks everywhere, someone does give a damn about ‘The Greaves House’.


Somehow it feels wrong infiltrating such a new property which I know is crammed with belongings, and many things of value.


I felt distinctly uneasy when visiting the house, though I was quite sure nobody had spotted us.


The cars may look untouched, but someone has managed to mangle one of them, they did like their Rovers. One of them is a V6.


What of The Greaves family? I only know about them due to the other post on YouTube which revealed the family name.


There is no trace on the internet about 'The Greaves' or I would have given this one some other name, to make it untraceable.


The Windmill

The Windmill is yet another pub that has fallen on hard times. With all the pubs I feature you might think there are non left open.



The UK is covered with them, it was once a ritual to visit the pub every day, and now things are changing and for the better in my opinion.


This one has been boarded up for over a year and I am surprised nobody has been inside yet. The gating is intact and it’s a little too close to a residential area for my liking.



I didn’t go looking inside the grounds as I feel it is still secured.


Upstairs, Downstairs Nightclub

This is one small tiny nightclub in Leeds and one that has been subjected to fire damage.


It was wide open until very recently and after it was hosted within the Urbex community things changed.


Someone has been, boarded it up, placed security banners everywhere, and added a few cameras. I didn't wave on this occasion but it wouldn't matter, as they are always slow to respond.


The interior is quite gutted so it's not like we were missing much, and these fucking brambles got me good at Upstairs, Downstairs Nightclub.


If they are too dense, it’s better to back off; they do win the battles sometimes.


Bramham House

It is annoying when you travel a long distance only to find that Leeds City Council arrived a few days beforehand with their brand new seals.


They have performed an admirable job on this old orphanage, with my 'provider of information' confirming to me that the old access point is no more.



Talk about overgrown, jeez, we were pricked to death while roaming around the exterior and seeing ways in that we couldn't get to due to the incredible dense jungle in the way.



A local machete shop would have been useful.



One small section was accessible, but balancing on rotting beams to get in this window is a little much. I am quite fond of my legs being in a non-broken state.



This is one I am unlikely to re-visit as it is quite shell-like and way too far, being on the east side of Leeds.


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There must be a leak or worse, an informant in the Urbex community. A cuckoo posing as one of you steely eyed types but in actuality they gather and squawk to the authorities!

Find them and BURN THEM OUT! :OD

You have to be in the 'trusted club' to know about some places. There are several levels, you can't buy your way up, you need to be known to be not a dickhead.. that's really it!

Hehe, that is usually how it works right enough. Still, there must be a leak!

It's all naming and shaming on there, this is the latest one, destroying stuff that has been there for years.


I hate those destroyers but damn, I also hate those people on Facebook naming and shaming people cos half the time they don't have the proof. Although in this case he said it right enough. Oh dear

There's a load of bantering going on about it, next week it will be old news. That's just how it is there. He has admitted it on this occasion.

Sounds a bit like Hive, lol

Yeah, content fades away all too quickly.

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A great piece. And some great images. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to the jungle hahhaa. I admire anyone who says they rarely, if at all, post on Facebook. Neither do I. All of my posting, commenting is done only on Hive. Since I discovered this platform I no longer see the purpose on using any other for my content. So many smart people in here... I am still amazed.

Great job sneaking on this one!

Indeed. Before Steem/Hive I tried to start some reasonable discussions on fb, with 0 resonance - fb is simply not the platform for exchanging ideas. It is only for sharing your latest vacation pics. But nevertheless a huge market wants exactly this.

Oh you are right! For every foot there is a shoe. People decide what they want to do with their time. Some platforms drain you of energy, adding nothing but self validation. Some platforms are better, in adding a sense of belonging, a sense of genuine communication with the peers. The case of Hive😊

I did crosspost my stuff on there for a while but have given up. I don't see the point anymore.

I agree with you, I am sure more people will notice the futility of Fb

Are you saying you don´t have a machete in the trunk of your car?

Afraid not, I could use one quite regularly.. the places I go.

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Have seen the greaves house posted too, the inside looked to good to be an abandoned house, my thoughts were all about probate and stuff. It’s good that it’s now secure, wonder if it will stay that way.

Haha I would not walk across that ledge to enter either. Looks like its locked up tight.

Thanks for sharing your urbex adventures.

Urban exploring sounds fun. Not much of a thing here in Texas on account of the high likelihood of getting a bullet in the ass.