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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: Monsoon

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Fire and damp do not make good bedfellows. I wonder if it looked much better before the blaze, lol


There's an image in that link, Worst Eyesores in Wigan.. but it looks just the same + some scaffolding. The place is a mystery.. with very little to find concerning history.

We drove past it yesterday and nothing has changed. Same access point which is viewable from a distance is still there.

Yeah, it would need some major work if they wanted to turn it into something. Start from scratch is the only way!

When I worked for an architect's office, one of my jobs involved slogging through a smoke-damaged chinese restaurant that was to be remodeled to replace the bar that had burned down next door. It was arson, if memory serves. I should see if I still have any photos, because that was grim, and the damage was all superficial. The caked kitchen grease, had it caught fire, would have ensured total loss of that structure, too.

Arson is a popular fate of many a business. It's a shame that many feel the need to try and get their money back any way possible if it all goes Pete Tong