Rural Urbex; one shoe too many

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The number of times I have travelled this road, and completely missed this little beauty, though in fairness it is a road well used by the NWP, and their speed camera van as a cash cow, and as I tend to drive at my own pace so my eyes are firmly looking for the hidden van.

I mean what is it with these fuckers? The area is not near a school, no antecedent history of crashes, let alone fatalities.


So here it is hidden from view from the main road, it’s sitting on a side road that used to lead to a long demolished cottage hospital, where now sits non-affordable homes for non-local people.


This had to be the easiest little mooch in ages, parking up and walking back from the main road, not even a fence to negotiate.


Miles from the sea and any other water course, one wonders why? Careful where I was treading I could hear the neighbours the other side of the fence, complete with fucking yapping handbag dog:



I wasn’t in the mood for climbing through windows.


As I searched for an open door, ever closer to the open windows the sweet smell of decay wafting out was starting to give me a stiffy; the undergrowth becoming more dense and hence noisy:

fuck it: through the window I go.





Not one, but two pianos, that’s just overwhelming in such a small cottage,


No MP3 player for this chappy.



I suppose this crappie was one music aficionado,


I hunted high: I hunted low
I failed.



Random clothing hung from picture rails along with the remnants of old, very old, Xmas paper decorations.

How do I know? well the measurements for a start are in proper money, and I remember my old dad climbing into the attic every December to retrieve a box of similar garlands.




I think I would rather wear my clothes with creases in.





Looks like Ernest was a cricket lover too




The book markers, with scribbled scoring annotations.



Counciltax documents from the 90’s,






And a selection of various publications from further back in time.
“Negroes picking peppers in Louisiana”, what quaint times we lived in

I’m sure the garden views from the kitchen were enjoyable once.


I’ve never seen a kitchen sink before with two sets of taps, thinking “slightly over-engineered”






Everything has its place, stored neatly on a hook or a nail.


No frills instant mashed potato, a staple, part of your 5 a day bollocks, or whatever diet the nanny state are trying to impose upon the weak minded sheeple.

A bathroom, a convenient place to hang your pants to dry when you are bereft of a tumble dryer.



And how quaint soft gentle bog roll accompanied by sheets of Izal, for those stubborn stains




Fluffy toys , well one flea bitten teddy bear and a head.







Well if this old boy got to 90 years of age eating no frills instant mashed potato, get me to fucking Waitrose ASAP.


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When I see letters, teddies, personal stuff like this, it spurs me on to burn most of my mementos, when I get to a certain age. I couldn't cope with the council coming and throwing it away!

Or the likes of me and @slobberchops , having a mooch 😂


Whoa.. fantastic! In 1990 it was Poll tax and everyone didn't pay, well.. I didn't hehe...


I hope you didn’t get involved in any riots!

Hmm, such a complete house. Seems the occupants only left with their bodies, everything else seems intact. Once again another waste to be shake the head about.

Yes another time capsule just left to rot

Enjoyed your venture through this old home, looks almost like a museum over many generations. Did you check if the Drambuie had been finished and the bottle for the 90th birthday?

Great ramblings, pity old places are walked away from, perhaps they died and no one bothered!

Strange urban places around your neck of the woods....

Your welcome @joanstewart
Wales seems to have so many of these time capsules, and it always amazes me each and everytime where are the family
And no 😂 I didn’t take a swig ,hic!

Nothing over here would stand with content inside very long being abandoned, believe you me.

Homes look like people simply disappeared, state nor family ordered to clear contents, sell for reuse is a big surprise.


Here stuff just rots

Over here everything would be stolen, the window frames, doors, copper piping would all be gone... 😂

I really enjoyed reading the letter. Most people have no clue about the Huguenots any more and I found the letter pretty interesting. I always wonder in these explores why no family to take care of things after.

Couldn’t agree more about the families @bashadow
Beats me hands down

That house sure has a story to tell. Thank you for sharing @grindle. Very interesting indeed.

Your welcome @artywink, glad you enjoyed this little glimpse at the past

I find those very intriguing, we can learn so much from the past don't you think, loved your post. thanks for sharing

Wow! What an opportunity that little cottage is! The roof looks intact. I remembered helping my mom go through all my grandmothers nick nacks after she passed and sorting everything. It was a mammoth job for a small house. But this place seems to have been completely forgotten. It’s surprising that they neighbours haven’t reported it to someone???

There seem to be existing family members still alive, it’s really a shame they don’t care

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