Rural Urbex; fferm darw du. November 2020

in Urban Exploration2 months ago

I was given this little beauty back in September and forgot all about it until a couple of weeks ago,so off I drove for an hour and a half to find it.

It’s up there as my second favourite time capsule of 2020


The journey was trouble free, the road I travelled is notorious for the Stasi and their mobile speed camera units, as I found out in August.



My life is made so much easier when the back door opens with a gentle shove. Compensation for having to climb over two gates, walking half a mile from where I parked.

As with most places the back door opened into a good sized kitchen, with some nice bits to enjoy.











The prized black bull




In 1986 you could buy a whole animal for less than today’s price of a Lidl finest fillet steak


A low winters sun was in the right place to show off a fantastic front door


Camilla Parker-Bowles, the adultress, of whom Charles of the house of saxe coburg of gotha it is alleged once commented that if he died he would like to come back as a pair of her panties. Nearly as perverted as his kiddie fiddling brother. ( he could at least have suggested someone fit, hmm where are you Ms Rani? 😂 😉)


An ornate lamp on an otherwise desolate room


We need to have a rummage through some boxes.

This is treasure, a fore runner of an IKEA catalogue, dating from 1913,hand drawn images of bespoke furniture



To certificates of attendance at Sunday School, Spanning 1918-1954,



.........sisters Mary and Ellen Lewis proudly kept their meritorious certificate for the efforts made, was that their brother? father? The fund was set up to help the families of Welsh soldiers and sailors serving in WW 1


Edwardian photographs through to recent times and the farm as was





Fascinating books of a long past era



Upstairs was full of wonderful treasure







More fantastic photos, finding this sort of thing really makes a mooch worthwhile







Family cards and a 1914 telegram to mr and Mrs Williams congratulations on their arrival at a local hotel post wedding from a cherished uncle and aunt




Upstairs was amazing so much to see













So that was it, a big diolch to the Williams family, I made my way back to my car, and when about 15 mins later I drove past the muddy lane to the farm I saw that two tractors had pulled up at the house, and a handful of farm hands were there, guess I might have been spotted on my way out? Who knows.

The sad part is that although this was a location off the tour bus radar it has been splashed across social media by some goontubers, several visits having been made subsequent to mine, guess what, a lot of the fantastic stuff I snapped has mysteriously “disappeared”


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Did the farm hands have pitchforks and did they chase down the road?
Another fantastic place, I do miss going out..

I didn’t get that close thank you very much!
Have been wondering where you are, I’m down Cornwall for Xmas, hope I can find some bits down there

Just staying at home for Xmas, need a break from work.

Enjoy, seasons best to you and your family.

Wow, there are so many memories inside.

Thanks, yes lots of family history

That doll is creepy as fuck! Awesome exploration and great pics 👌

Thanks. Yeah, kind of like chukky’s sister just sitting there watching me !

Abandoned, oh how I wish I could get an in, within some community around my local area but here in America I don't think abandoned place are as nice as other countries. Awesome post, just amazing to see. Thanks for the share.

Thanks, I guess it’s a bit safer in U.K. what with guns and all that, the worst thing we have to put up with is stinging nettles and angry farmers !

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It’s sad to see people abandoned their houses and just disappeared. Time has swallowed everything.

I hope you tasted those foods, for the sake of historical completionism...

Well I had only just finished a sausage sandwich from a truck stop, so I wasn’t hungry!

you make a sausage sandwich sound very suspect on several levels...

Ooer! Yes I guess it’s open to interpretation 😂

What a fantastic explore!!!

You could feel the memories in that place!.

Thank you yes, got today it was really good hour in there

I'd have liked to get my hands on those old compasses.

Jos...Great Man

Cheers matey

Time capsule .. good you got it documented..

Cheers matey

Wow, I am just in total awe, for so may reasons!
A) how on earth can people just abandoned all of that stuff (except for the mouldy food and the CREEPY doll..)
B) Love the interior architecture, specially the rounded windows and fireplaces which you don't imagine seeing from the outside walls.
C) amazing photos and personal memorabilia (how could they leave those???)
D) Many of the people were actually smiling in those photos- amazing for photos from that era too...
And the treasures that were/are there!
Unbelievable how people can completely disregard these amazing historical and personal artifacts...and the beautiful timber furniture...😧 OMG and those ancient and valuable hardcore hardbound leather books...I'd love to know what was in them and their year of publication.

What a great exploration that was, but so much better for you being there and feeling such a mixture of emotions too.

Now you've just given me so many more questions that no-one will be able to answer...😧

Thank you for your observations @chocolatescorpi
Yes very old stuff, there were a few envelopes addressed to a Mrs Williams from 10years ago, in a hospital, so I guess she never came back, and her children brought them back and just left them there.
I loved the hand drawn catalogue of furniture that pre dates WW1 and I always love old photos too

Yeah that hand drawn sales pamphlet was a great score!

i just can't comprehend leaving a place like that with everything in it to go to rack and ruin...usually some money hungry person(s) or govt agency or bank comes in to clear everything out and sell it all after Mrs Williams doesn't get home from suprising to see that didn't happen there...or other places too.

I guess sometimes probate can be quite difficult especially if a will is not left.

Yeah but that when the public trustees and other gold diggers usually jump on it quicker than a fly on the BBQ...