Rural Urbex: A field, four walls and a roof.

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This was a buy one get one free moment, having just climbed out of one cottage only to espy this one further up the mountain.


A) it’s a single track road up said mountain
B) the single track road has quite a severe gradient.

Morale dilemma.
A) Should I just park in a nearby passing place?
B) Park high up walk down?
C) Park low down and walk up?

The tractor coming round the bend made the decision for me, I value my wing mirrors, so slowly reversed quite away back down said road.

I need to get fit, Jesus it was a hell of an incline, and a walk back of a good couple of hundred yards. I’ve got lazy due to the covey, only a few years ago I was walking at altitude scrambling all sorts. Now 50yds in and I was breathing like Jimmy saville calling childline.

I don’t even know if the damn thing is even abandoned, but happy my pulse rate returned to normal after a couple of minutes, onwards and upwards, I’m not giving in again make the bugger work, pump ya bastard pump.


First thoughts were
A) It’s abandoned
B) It’s held together by sticky tape


Sliding in through the “front door” was too easy, it’s more fun when there is a challenge.

“Hello”! Said my heart “ your challenge was getting here without collapsing in a heap on the side of the lane”.


Thinking “ your roof needs some more tape”




Cosy cosy cosy




Well I guess if you live in a field you need a lot of guidance on stuff

It didn’t take much to do the whole house in under 15 mins the kitchen was tiny





The medicine cabinet seemed to indicate the problems were dealing with bugs and bastard wasps



Back in the day my old mum had a tea dispenser like this, invited all the neighbours round to see it, press a button and a “teaspoon” of leaves was dispatched into the teapot. Fuck me that’s hi tec stuff, think it cost 3 1/2 books of green shield stamps.


And a lovely 70’s vintage tea pot to boot, never had one of them though.

I erred on the side of caution and declined to pull the cord just in case it brought a shed load of asbestos down on my head.


I did see quite a few of these rat poison boxes in the place. I’m sure these electric fires have now been outlawed.



And that was it! Not a bog nor a bathroom anywhere, how bizarre.

Lessons I’ve learnt

A) Walking downhill is so much easier
B) Always stop to check anything that looks interesting, never miss an opportunity
C) Better to go to the grave regretting the things you have done than rueing the things you didn’t


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😂 and licked the spoon clean! The oddest things we see on our travels

Excellent post, looked like a very interesting explore.

Short and sweet, but worth the effort

I have visions on the entire house collapsing like a blossoming flower if the tape is removed!

😂 yup me too,

i love it!


It definitely needs more tape!!! And for future reference, you always have to pull the cord. To hell with safety

😂 😂 😂