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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: Agecroft Power Station

in Urban Exploration2 months ago

Well done @bingbabe making the effort, I find a lot of non explorers find our exploits creepy, you need to take her to one that gives off the sweet scent of decay once inhaled you get that urge for more! It never stops it never leaves.


I find them less creepy as I do more. A count a few days ago surpasses 150 explores now, that's not counting the fails. Web site will be coming soon and getting all these on there will be a lot of work.

Web site? Is something changing or are you going solo on the web?

I will still post here, but I want my own webspace that I can call my own. Will let you know when it all starts.

Oh! Nice one, I had thought about it myself, friends and family suggested it, but I’m lazy and couldn’t see the benefits . Good luck