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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Sad Story of the Wild Boar Hotel

in Urban Exploration8 months ago

After the FB posting by that creature who calls himself an explorer, the post was forwarded to West Cheshire Police, who went on record to say these the current owners were not going to take any action, and as a result that they the police, would not be either. ( yet they were absolutely spunking themselves trying to catch 2020truthers who refused to go into lockdown!).
Hence it has now been completely destroyed.

I visited back end of December last year, couldn’t get in walked away. I’m glad you got it out of your system!


I was horrified and did not expect it to be in this state. I saw videos of people climbing through upper windows.., but to walk in through one of the half-dozen broken down doors was a shock to me.

The owners don't want to take action?, there is something clearly wrong here.

Yes without doubt can’t understand it