Views from height to the center of Vologda

in Urban Exploration2 months ago

Photographing a city from a height is a certain direction in photography, which has recently been divided into two types: pictures taken from a drone and pictures taken from the roof of a tall building.

I am still a man without a drone. And I won't say for sure if I will ever shoot with him.

The fact is that I often have a pronounced wave creative cyclicality, and if now I shoot with a drone enthusiastically, then in a month I will be sick of it.

And this flying photographic device costs a lot of money to use several times a year.

It turns out that I have enough of those attacks on high-rise buildings that happen a couple of times a year.

And several flights a year on helicopter are quite enough.

If I had a profile of photography from a height, then I would have traveled all over the world, because I would reshoot Vologda in a few days. But other more famous photographers are already doing this.

I have a completely different goal - self-development through photography.

Don't ask me why I stuck a photo here from the ground.

This question is so hard that even I don't know the answer...