The Underground Kingdom, or Portals to the Past. Part two

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I met two types of dugouts on the banks of the Sodima River in Vologda. The first type is when the entrance to the cellar is through a booth that is installed above the pit. The second type is when the entrance to the structure is made on the side of a hill.

The second type of dugout is almost invisible from the air and, possibly, easier to build. But entering a steep slope may not be very convenient, especially when you drag a bag of potatoes.

Both types of dugouts in these places are both used to this day, and there are abandoned cellars. The farther from the living spaces, the more abandoned dugouts.

There are garden beds near some dugouts. And what is convenient! Immediately, you planted potatoes, grew them and, without going far away, put the whole harvest under the castle.

Similar facilities exist on the banks of the Shogrash River near the village of Osanovo. But I haven’t gotten there yet. Perhaps I still decide to make a report with the owners of the dugouts.

In the meantime, I just documented objects that fading into the past. Almost no one makes such new dugouts, and the old ones disappear rapidly. Now few people store vegetables - it’s easier to buy in a store, which is a stone's throw from the house. Now there is everything.

Dugouts disappear as unnecessary, they honestly worked out the time when they were needed.

A few more years will pass and these photos will become historical, because this type of structure will simply not exist.

I stumbled upon them by accident, but now I understand that it was no accident. I am glad that I devoted time to them.

Private garages for cars will still stand in the yards of apartment buildings for a long time, but dugouts need to be capture now.

I must definitely find them and photograph as many as possible. It is necessary to replenish the photo archive with a vanishing era.

It was a little creepy to wander in the dark among the abandoned dugouts: what if there is someone there?

But inside there was only garbage and the wind walked...

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