The Underground Kingdom, or Portals to the Past. Part one

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Cellar, vegetable storehouse or dugout - can be called differently this structure which from the past. In the Russian Soviet era, gardening was spread at a private level, or rather, the cultivation of vegetables (potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, onions, beets, garlic, etc.). Also, various preparations were made from vegetables: salted and pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, various vegetable salads and even soups. It is clear that all this was grown in the dachas, but the harvest had to be stored somewhere.

In a brick apartment building there are balconies (loggias), but if you leave the whole crop there in the harsh winter season, then everything will disappear.

The earth in our latitudes does not freeze very deeply, since we don’t live in the tundra. For this, people used dugouts. Some are still using it, but the era has gone unambiguously.

For a dugout, you just need to dig a hole, strengthen it and make access limited. In Vologda city, for these purposes, the elevated bank of the Sodima River perfectly approached.

It can be seen that many structures have long been abandoned and are used as a garbage pit, but not for storing vegetables.

Externally, these houses for gnomes can still be similar to garages for motor boats. But the river Sodima, unfortunately, is not navigable.

Dugouts, by the way, are practically not visible on the map from the satellite! But as a bomb shelter, they are unreliable. You will simply be bypassed.

The main feature in the construction of the dugout is the presence of ventilation. Otherwise, the crop may not survive until next spring.

There are universal structures in the form of garages for cars with a cellar, there are cellars in private houses or sheds, but these structures are highly specialized. People do not store bicycles and other unnecessary trash after the general cleaning of the house, although the size of some dugouts suggests the opposite.

For completeness I would have to meet one or even several owners of these dugouts and show their insides (dugouts, of course).

But while this reportage project is being considered in an anonymous form. At this stage, I was just interested in structures that resembled the pepelats (from the "Kin-dza-dza" russian soveit movie) outwardly.

You can open the door, enter and fly into another dimension or to another planet.

If you approach philosophically, then it is: inside you are waiting for a whole bygone era. You will fall into the past.

I would never have thought that everyday life could be so interesting!

I discovered, studied and captured this place during the day.

But I specially came here at night and captured it again, because the whole atmosphere of these structures is transmitted only in this way.

To be continued...

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