Flooded Fryazinowsky Park. Part 2

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If you are an ordinary person, then any dirt, any puddle will be a hindrance to you.

I was probably born immediately as a photographer, just later I found out about it.

This is because from a young age I liked puddles, swamps, rafting, cycling in the mud, walking on snow porridge.

You say that all children love it, so why do adults stop loving?

Probably so it is necessary. If adults also loved puddles and mud, then we would never see improvement and would live constantly in mud and puddles.

But this does not mean that I stayed in my childhood. This means that my boundaries have been pushed apart - I can love a lot.

That's when a playground in the water is bad for everyone. My child gets upset when he sees this. No, he would have gone to such a playground, I just do not allow him to do it.

It turns out that there is an adult intervention here. Therefore, he does not like flooded places. If he becomes older, he will fall in love, becau will be less control over it.

After all, these children wandering in the water are happy!

So nature did everything right!

If the photographers are happy, then nature has done everything right again. If the journalists are happy that there is a reason to write about this, then nature is right again!

Utilities have a job - pumping out water means everything is according to plan.

My question is more, who is suffering from this?

Of course, you can't sit on a bench.

I think I won't get to shooting these places at night until autumn.

Although there are new buildings here, I already feel that I can find something metaphysical here in the light of street lamps.

In fact, there is a small pond in this place, which overflowed its banks due to a large amount of snow.

And since I was here for the first time, I did not know about it.

Local courtyard guys are thinking about how to build a raft in order to have time to ride it while there is a lot of water.

They have already begun to prepare the material.

I gave them a couple of tips for building a raft, I hope they did it!

Wait for me, Fryazinovsky Park, I'll be back!


wowwww kids are enjoying!

@tipu curate

My question is more, who is suffering from this?

Currently probably no one. At least not in the literal meaning. Hopefully the flood will not become more serious. It is all fun and games until the buildings themselves start to get underwater.