Dilapidated Veliky Ustyug. Valga

Valga is a village in the Veliky Ustyug region, which is located a couple of kilometers from Veliky Ustyug. The main part of the village is located on the banks of the Sukhona River between the village of Medenitsyno and the village of Novator. But there is another small section of the village, which is located on the opposite side of the Nikolsk – Kotlas highway.

This section of the village is completely lost in the power transmission line area next to the high-voltage substation.

The houses are located along the road leading to the village of Dobrynino, which is on the opposite bank of the Sukhona River opposite Veliky Ustyug.

Until the moment of writing the post, I did not even know the territorial affiliation of this area.

There are two streets along which there are one-storey two-apartment panel board barracks.

It has long been proven that living near a high-voltage line for a long time is dangerous to health. But then they thought little about it, but now there is no point in thinking, tk. things often do not come to realization of thoughts. I'm talking about moving to more prosperous areas and housing.

But despite the power lines, the place is quite cozy, quiet, close to the city and the forest.

Of course, there are no houses under the wires themselves. There are only vegetable beds and baths.

Shield barracks of this type were also pre-fabricated temporary housing, and now their condition is often dilapidated.

This type of barrack was always closer to a private house.

Most often, the adjacent territory around them is fenced off. Near the house there are almost always baths, sheds, a whole garden.

There are firewood sheds between the two streets.

If the houses from the first unnamed street are in complete freedom (the courtyards are not fenced off by anything), then the access to the houses on the second street is closed.

There is little lighting here, but enough for you to find your home at night.

The last house on the second street is made of bricks, but I suspect that this is just an exterior cladding.

The firewood was brought.

I call such places "on the outskirts". I thought it would be completely decay here, but I had to admit my opinion was wrong.


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