Dilapidated Ustyug. RRS

Road-Repair Settlement (RRS) - located near the village of Dymkovo on the opposite bank of the Sukhona River opposite Veliky Ustyug. The settlement was formed for the workers of an asphalt concrete plant, which is located a kilometer from the houses.

Geographically, the RRS belongs to the village of Belozerovo, Veliky Ustyug District, Vologda region, Russia.

It is difficult to call it a settlement, because there are only three apartment buildings along the road leading to the river and to Dymkovo.

There are many sheds, baths and garages near the houses.

The houses here are brick. But the courtyards are not asphalted, which is strange for the territory where the former workers of the asphalt plant lived.

There is a passage through the sheds for quick access to Dymkovo through the field.

The courtyards are spacious, but there are few cars. Oh, so much free space is wasted. In the city, residents would appreciate, or rather, they would have forced everything with cars.

I would not say that it is just cozy here. Something partly resembles Kichmengsky Gorodok, and partly located nearby the village of Dobrynino.

This place reminds Dobrynino in that it is located near the same swampy oxbow.

The whole Sukhona Riverside from Belozerovo to Koromyslovo gives me mixed feelings because of the presence of gypsies. This has been formed since a distant youth. Now the situation is probably a little better.

Photographing here was planned for me two years ago, when I captured the barracks of the villages of this side. But for some reason I did not find any weighty arguments to come here because of the three houses.

I now understand that there are three houses here, but there are much more plots with accompanying objects.

But since you see these photos, then I still considered it important to document this area.

Before the very beginning of the project on documentary photography of dilapidated housing, I did not even suspect that I could capture absolutely all the houses in the city and even in all large villages of the district!

This is a very extensive photo base. But when you imagine how many such places in general there are in the Vologda region, panic seizes.

It is impossible to capture all the barracks, because they are everywhere ... absolutely everywhere!

And sheds with garages are everywhere too! But it is necessary to capture this, although the hopelessness of the process is felt.

And all because time is moving inexorably forward and everything comes to an end. Barracks are resettled and demolished every year. Garages and sheds are also being demolished. There are clear examples of all this.

Sometimes, you come to shoot a quarter with dilapidated housing, and there are only wastelands. This has happened many times!

And the night for this project was chosen in order to somehow justify the unattractiveness of huts, sheds and garages.

Nevertheless, the progress in photography is colossal! I already specifically leave many places for later, so that upon arrival in the Veliky Ustyug district at least something remains.

In fact, the work will be long enough!

For documentary photography, the plots are inexhaustible!

The only thing is, I want to develop some kind of my own style. But if he suddenly appears, then it's scary to imagine how much it will be necessary to reshoot again.

So it will do. Before you had to think...


Great photos - I like your style of photography. What an interesting space of the world, and what history the place must have had. A perfect October setting for a photo adventure - thanks for the share.

Thank you for feedback!