Courtyard spaces. The center of Vologda. Part 7

Do you know how to determine a high-quality photo from a low-quality one? Having created an account on Instagram, I immediately began to see a decent photo or not from just one preview. It's all about filters and color distortion. Low-quality art photography is when reality is distorted through processing.

An experienced photographer will find the right color and light in nature, and will not try to imitate with a graphic editor.

With each stage of my photographic development, I want to resort to photo processing less and less.

What's the point of distorting the color? Now I can only answer this question in this way: this is a certain type of people at a certain stage of development.

And I was also at a stage when I gave the shadows a shade of blue, or superimposed a scan of film grain, or tried to give a shade of cyan or magenta to pure light ...

As it turned out, this makes no sense. Photography is just the language of your mind, not a means of self-expression.

You need to speak eloquently, but cleanly.

And a photo with unnatural color processing, tasteless filters is like speech with obscenities and thug jargon.

For such photography, as well as for speech, there is a certain stratum of people who use it and they like it.

It is clear that the matrix of the camera will not convey the reality as the human eye.

But one must always strive for the standard.

Notice who is using all of these filters? Young people who have no idea what real photography is. Or aspiring photographers, whose pictures are aimed just at the audience of young people or people like him.

Now look at the Magnum photographers, for won't see tasteless and unnatural color distortion or over-retouching there.

What's the point of bad color distortion?

Although when you know how the system works, you understand that it exists only at a certain stage of development and this is necessary for the dimension in which those people live.

Those photographers who have learned about real photography will never intersect with images processed with filters.

They are just different worlds that do not overlap. Yes, parallel worlds exist. Only they are among us.

To be continued...