Courtyard spaces. 3rd microdistrict

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Behind the 2nd microdistrict is the 3rd, and there is the 4th nearby. But the 1st is in a completely different place, like the 5th and 6th! Yes, here is such a strange numbering of neighborhoods, as well as their names.

In each microdistrict or even a quarter there is something special, remarkable, that distinguishes this area from others. Here, for example, it is an alley of poplars with sawn tops.

Especially these rhythms go well with panel houses standing in the background.

The difference in color temperature of light sources always looks advantageous in photography during night photography.

If there was one cold light source, or vice versa, only one warm light, then the photo would lose its atmosphere.

It’s very good when there are several different light sources from different sides in the scene.

Two shots similar in story component, but different in lighting and color temperature.

And the atmosphere in the frame may depend on the sky - whether it is cloudy or not. In cloudy weather, the sky becomes tinted by street lighting. It can be shades of pink, orange, red or blue. A clear sky will always be only blue.

And although it’s good that the shooting of the courtyards has been suspended due to the white nights! I will have something to learn in the fall.

I could go through all the yards and then I would have to look for something even more unique, so as not to happen again.

Canon 6d, EF17-35L, 24-105L

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