Cityscape graphics

I was overtaken by another creative wave in the form of graphics. Now, of course, it is different. You will never know what kind of wave I have at the moment, because all posts are published anyway with a time delay, and while I am writing here about the graphics, I have a wave of abandoned villages for a long time!

But is it really important to someone? What matters is the result in the form of a picture and text.

I wanted to shoot graphic plots for two reasons.

The first, which is the most logical, is that everything around is gray-yellow-brown and broken into subtle halftones.

The second reason - I had the opportunity to test the third version of the 70-200/2.8L lens by Canon.

Now there is no need to specify the brand of the lens for these shots.

I liked the lens for its sharpness, aperture ratio and micro-contrast, which is good for reportage shooting and bad for graphic plots. Just kidding! All perfectly!

I was already used to 400 mm at the long end, which is why 200 mm was absolutely not enough for me.

The human mind gets used to certain characteristics of optics and remembers what kind of plots can be captured on them.

Shooting with this lens, I suddenly decided that the graphic landscape should be beautiful.

When I studied graphics in photography, I went through all the stages and reshoot all the objects around us.

Now you just need to bring everything to a common denominator, draw a conclusion based on this and use a ready-made template to create a beautiful and interesting picture.

Quite unconsciously, a signal is sent from a fragment of reality through the organs of perception to the brain, so that he, with the help of his fingers holding the camera in the area of ​​the button, takes a picture of this fragment of reality.

So much that only after some time comes the realization of the awesomeness of the picture in terms of composition and color scheme.

Oh, that's all... to be continued ...