Rural Explorations in the Foggy Morning

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This is my first post into the Urban Exploration community, did I do it right? I always forget I need to put these kinds of posts in there and then @slobberchops yells at me :( There is no shortage of abandoned houses where I am from.

This was a gorgeous foggy morning that only added to the eeriness of the places I went to explore. I hit three different spots within the village to see what I have yet to uncover. This time I didn't go inside any other places than the old barn you see in the first photo. If I'm being honest, it was because I was wearing clothes I did not want to rip (even though I was wearing ripped jeans...) while getting caught in nails and dirtied while squeezing inside from a window.

I think I also need to go in when it's bright outside, so I can have enough light on the inside for shooting without a tripod. I promise I'll go to these places again at some time and find a way to get in.

Shot with the Nikon D750 and Sigma 35mm f/1.4.













Nice shots. Remind me I haven't had a black and white in a long time...

Thanks! Have a black and white, it's delicious!

I see... blended with fog.

Yes.. right place!.. well done.., is that a crowbar I see resting next to the window?

I like a more delicate approach of breaking in than a crowbar😛

These are wonderful

Thank you!

You are welcome.

Love it, shooting in fog is always a pleasure, especially in black&white.

It is so much fun and I love how the scenery changes so fast when the fog moves and sun rises.

Siempre me han gustado las estructuras envejecidas y en las imagenes captadas en los diferentes ángulos se ven espectaculares.

I like this dark and hazy photos :) ..I'm sure soon this mist more strong so be ready ;)

Need tp start waking up early to catch it 😅

Yeh ... same here , I must start get up in 05:00 to see strong mist :))

Awesome shots! It eerily reminds me an abandoned, post Zombie-apocalyptic town. I hope you have a shotgun ready, just in case some straggler zombies tries to pounce on you XD

I wish! 😫 For both zombie apocalyple and having a shotgun.

The idea of just having a shotgun is appealing enough, not necessarily for zombies. I wonder if shotgun shells could kill moose flies 🤔

Excellent post.