Exploring the Old Wireworks Factory

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This is quite a common explore and very easy to get to. A footpath through the wood takes you straight to it. Seems quite popular with dog walkers and cyclists.

Richard Johnson & Nephew owned the Wireworks and was set up in 1876. I believe in 1990, a company called Bridon took it over and eventually closed in 1996.

The company made telegraph wires, fencing and suspension cables. Apparently, Johnson's actually put in a tender for the suspension wires for the Brooklyn Bridge, which I thought was a pretty cool fact.

Again, not a lot is left but I did like some of the graffiti.

Without getting political, I do totally agree with this statement!

At the end of the lane, I found a quirky outbuilding. It looked as though the sides of the building was made out of old doors.

At the side of the building there was part of a shopping trolley! Random.

Someone's got a sense of humour. I will leave you with this image!! A nice easy explore.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.

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Boris must be a twat, it says just that!

Ha ha. I could have written it myself. 😊

I wish my rain spout was as impressive! Ho hum
Nice little mooch

Thank you. It was impressive! 😊