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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Nag's Head

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Seems like it was quite the place back in the day before the big motorway. How old do you reckon the pub building is? When I was a kid we'd go on holiday to Nags Head, North Carolina, USA. Now I know where the name came from ;) Watch out for the sun. I understand as I used to live in Seattle haha. Went to Cardiff once. Dumped rain nonstop for 2 weeks.


It doesn't look like a new building and has fallen prey to the motorways all around it. Once they would not have existed and there would have been regular roads and streets surrounding it.

Now there is nothing, except the new homes not yet built nearby. The UK is a funny place when it comes to weather, you never know what you're gonna get.

Yeah I just had visions of a Dickens era road house with horse and buggy outside. Maybe just a dream haha... Would you reckon the portrayal of the gypsies in "Two lock stock and smoking barrels" was fairly accurate?

Yeah, the horses and carts would have drawn up here once. It is older than the invention of the car I would say.

Haha yes I concur