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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Old Council Offices

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How do car bumpers get into places like these?

That’s the beauty of these discoveries and guess. I love it when things defy reason or rules.

Why is there a bumper? Who brought it there and when?
Why does it look pretty new?
Where are the other car parts? Are the wing mirrors on the roof?

Truth is stranger than fiction.


I once found a boat in a pub's bar area, I mean... WHAT? Hehe.. expect the unexpected. How can you not love doing this!

PS... I was in Huddersfield last weekend, hit eight places.., why are there so many rats in this town?

Crikey! Ahoy!

Rats - I’ve only ever seen them in parks! Big ones too. But never around buildings.
Great you’ve been in the Hudd! Any good finds?

There's a synopsis here, I plan to do a 'Tales' for all for the successes in time. I saw Rats in multiple places, one was carrying stringy meat in it's teeth before disappearing into Kirklees College.


Ah Kirklees College. I’m curious about that one too!
It’s a 20 minute walk away fom where I am now.
Would you recommend a look or is it too unsafe/patrolled?

Would you recommend a look or is it too unsafe/patrolled?

There is no security and I do know how to get in, it's just the effort is too much for me. I value my limbs.

😆 limbs are good!

Last time I was there 3 years ago trying to do some filming there was a security guy on patrol, but I guess there’s a limit to what they can keep realistically patrolling especially now it’s probably so dangerous.
And it’s probably a bit costly a few years on too!